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Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487

Israel Has Killed More Than 37,626 People in Gaza

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Scott Ritter on Ukraine's Shelling of Sevastopol
By Scott Ritter

This is a direct attack on Russia by the US, by NATO


Washington Faces Defeat in Red Sea
By Mike Whitney

The Israelis are facing a two front war


Ray McGovern : Mossad in the Pentagon?
By Judge Napolitano - Ray McGovern

The Israelis are facing a two front war


White Dwarf
By Paul Edwards

Liars, crooks, wankers, chiselers, bullshitters and twits.


America’s two corrupted parties
By Bill Astore

Of the Draft, Medical Debt, the Media, and Two Grumpy Old Men



Gaza: Over 20,000 children missing, buried under rubble or in mass graves

Hamas fighters confront Israeli forces in Rafah

Israeli attack hits Unrwa aid centre kills eight people: "Some were filling up water, others were receiving coupons

Vital supplies pile up at Gaza crossing as aid agencies say unable to work

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince (MBS) urges international community to recognize independent Palestinian state

Israeli phosphorus shells burn south Lebanon after fierce Hezbollah attacks

Over 550,000 Israelis flee country amid Gaza war, data shows

Two US military airmen seek to become conscientious objectors over Gaza war

Israeli Forces Will Move To Lebanon – Netanyahu

An Israel attack into Lebanon risks an Iranian military response, top US military leader says

Thousands of regional resistance fighters say ready to join Hezbollah in case of war with Israel

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff says US may be unable to assist Israel if Iran joins war with Hezbollah

Yemen Houthis claim attacks on 2 ships in Red Sea and Indian Ocean

Iran, Bahrain signal thaw in relations after years of strain


Seven, including children, killed as over 100 abducted in gunmen attack in northern Nigeria

Millions of children going hungry in Sudan - Unicef

UK ‘tried to suppress criticism’ of alleged UAE role in arming Sudan’s RSF militia



Over 1,700 Ukrainian forces killed in 24 hours: Russia

Kremlin issues warning over ‘barbaric’ Crimea attack

Civilians killed on Sevastopol beach were ‘occupiers’ – top Zelensky aide

Russian Forces Hit Ukrainian Logistics Hub Storing Western-Supplied Missiles

Why US and Ukraine Deliberately Chose Russia's Sevastopol for Terror Attack

EU approves up to €1.4B military aid to Ukraine from Russian frozen assets

Death toll rises to 20 after gunmen attack Russia’s Dagestan

Death toll rises in Russia's Dagestan region after coordinated attacks on churches, synagogue

Dagestan attackers identified – investigators : Five militants have been “eliminated” following a series of terrorist attacks in southern Russia

Von der Leyen accused of power grab of €400B in regional cash

Von der Leyen must go – EU state leader

Sunak’s Tories fear UK election betting scandal may expand and bury them


The death of the petrodollar: What really happened between the US and Saudis?


Brazil deports Hamas member following US request

AIPAC's Singular Ability to Remove Members of Congress

Trump has picked vice-president nominee, will attend debate against Biden

Judge in classified files case to consider reining in Trump attacks on FBI

Disappointment and ‘depression': Biden’s biggest fundraisers watch their advantage vanish

Law enforcement is spying on thousands of Americans’ mail, records show


Give us the tools, we'll continue the genocide
ICH and agencies

I said it's inconceivable that in the past few months, the administration has been withholding weapons and munitions to Israel.



Humanity’s Most Critical Test
By Barry Commoner

The present human nightmare as living reality will continue until and unless there is a mass awakening


Trump points to ‘cause’ of Ukraine conflict

Floating the idea of Ukraine in NATO was “very provocative,” Trump said.


Navigating Life’s Challenges
By Tom Feeley

People are waking up. Reality is knocking on the door and each of us must play our part.




41 Palestinians killed in 2 Israeli attacks on Gaza City

Israeli bombs tent camps near Rafah killing at least 25.

Analysis Finds Israeli Tank Fired 335 Bullets Into Car at Close Range

Largest European Companies Arming Israel and Their Financiers – Report

Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians in Occupied – West Bank

Leak reveals Smotrich's annexation plan for Israel-occupied West Bank

Watch: Israeli forces torture a Palestinian by tying him to a military vehicle

Guantanamo victims say Israel using ‘US-style’ torture

Palestinian Resistance shells occupation forces across Gaza

Israeli army destroys entire Palestinian side of Rafah border crossing, renders it unusable

UN Official Says War Has Dispossessed Gazans of Means to Survive

US officials estimate that as few as 50 hostages are still alive – Wall Street Journal

Netanyahu: Criticizing US was absolutely necessary

US vexed, disappointed by Netanyahu claim of arms holdup: ‘No one has done more for him’

Netanyahu said to have ignored warnings by ministers, aides against openly criticizing US

Critic of Biden’s Israel Policy – Andrew Miller Resigns from US State Department

US Army officer resigns over 'unconditional support' to 'Israel'

Another Israeli border town evacuated as Hezbollah clashes escalate

US prepared to back 'Israel' in full-scale war with Hezbollah:

NATO not to defend Cyprus in case of attack by Hezbollah: Stoltenberg

Canada preparing to evacuate 45,000 citizens from Lebanon as war fears grow

Yemeni Armed Forces strike Israeli-affiliated ship, force USS Eisenhower's retreat


More than 17 killed in RSF attack on village in central Sudan

Sudan's cemeteries swell with fresh graves as hunger and disease spread

Militia attack in DR Congo leaves over 20 dead

3 Killed, UN Peacekeeper Wounded in East DR Congo: Sources

From Nobel peace prize to civil war: how Ethiopia’s leader beguiled the world

Niger annuls French operating license at major uranium mine


Roadside bomb kills 5 soldiers and wounds 2 in northwest Pakistan

Putin remarks about possible weapons for North Korea 'incredibly concerning,' US says

South Korea summons Russia's ambassador over Moscow's new pact with North

South Korea says will reconsider issue of arms supply to Ukraine

US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea as a show of force against nuclear-armed North Korea

Russia and Vietnam Pledge to Strengthen Ties During Putin Visit

Politician who pushed Philippines natural gas boom is behind firm that planned to profit


Kiev Loses Over 4,200 Soldiers in Battle With Russian Yug Battlegroup in Past Week

Russian bomb attack on Kharkiv kills three and wounds 38 people

Ukraine begins using German weapons to strike Russian territory – Bild

Ukraine may fire US-provided missiles into Russia wherever it is coming under attack, Pentagon says

Ukraine claims three oil refinery strikes inside Russia as Moscow says naval attack thwarted

Putin Sends Clear Message to NATO By Revising Russian Nuclear Doctrine

Hungary Opts Out of NATO’s Planned Military Mission in Ukraine - Orban

Seizing Russian Assets in EU Will Lead to Unpredictable Consequences, Belgian Minister Warns

Russian invasion has forced 6.5 million Ukrainians to flee country, UN says

US Notifies Russia About Closure of Visa Centers in Washington, New York

Moscow Pledges 'Adequate' Response If US Closes Russian Visa Center

The evil clown returns: Boris Johnson is not done haunting world politics

EU to open enlargement talks with Ukraine and Moldova next week – as it happened

European Nations Order $100M in 155mm Shells From Singapore Firm

Britain’s richest family sentenced to jail for exploiting staff in Swiss mansion


Venezuela and China Sign Three New Bilateral Economic Cooperation Agreements

Finian Cunningham: Scandal at Trump-backer Epoch Times… Biden and U.S. establishment getting desperate over election?

Billionaire Grandson of Gilded Age Plutocrat Gives Trump Super PAC $50 Million

Trump Outraised Biden by $81 Million Over Last Two Months

Glenn Greenwald: AIPAC's Singular Ability to Remove Members of Congress

DoJ reportedly considering deal to let Boeing avoid criminal charges

US-supported Israel has killed 37,266 people in Gaza since October 7th

Serial Criminals Rule Israel. That's Where the Collapse Begins
By Mordechai Gilat

Israel resembles a giant stinking sewage pit? How is it that career criminals and con artists rule the country.


The summer of living dangerously
By Pepe Escobar

The only way these “leaders” across NATOstan plus their lowly MI6 agent in a green sweaty T-shirt in Kiev will survive is by manufacturing a casus belli.


Dead Man’s Hand: Betting on Biden and Trump
By Matthew Stevenson

In the next five months the favorable odds associated with Biden and Trump will fall, while the stock of those waiting in the wings rises.


Biden Can’t Fix the Immigration System by Banning Asylum
By Farrah Hassen

Seeking asylum from persecution is a fundamental human right that transcends borders and partisan politics.




41 Palestinians killed in attacks in the past day

50,000 Gaza children require urgent treatment for malnutrition: UN

Eight Israeli soldiers killed as fighting continues in Rafah

9,300 Palestinians currently detained in Israeli prisons

Northern Gaza is starving, calls to break the media blackout and stop the war of starvation

Claims of short pauses in Gaza fighting overblown, as IDF says fighting continues

Israeli PM Netanyahu Rejects Humanitarian Pauses in Rafah

Israel is a Pariah State – How Long Will The West Dither while Gaza Genocide Intensifies?

The Gaza Pier: A public relations stunt doomed from the start

93 Countries Support ICC Amid Threats Over Israeli Officials’ Arrest Warrants

French court bans Israeli delegations and companies from Eurosatory arms exhibition

UK ‘morally incoherent’ for sending arms to Israel and aid to Gaza, says Oxfam chief

One in three people are boycotting brands over Israel's war on Gaza, poll finds

Pentagon blows $1bn in 'unsustainable' naval campaign against Yemen


Malian Army Kills 42 Suspected Terrorists After Attack Leaves 5 Soldiers Wounded

Al Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility for Burkina attack that killed over 100 Burkina Faso soldiers


Xi Jinping claimed US wants China to attack Taiwan


Russian forces kill Islamic State-linked hostage takers at detention centre

Russian forces liberate Zagornoye Village in Zaporozhye Region

'People in Ukraine are quite critical these days of Volodymyr Zelensky'

Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected

Russia surpasses US in gas supplies to Europe – FT

Time runs out for Olaf Scholz: While all eyes are on France’s snap election, Germans too may soon face an early vote.

Germany Could Soon Be Screening 18-Year-Olds To Boost Military Recruits


Chinese Premier Li Qiang Signals Thaw in Trade Relations with Australia


NAM and Group of 77 Demand the Exclusion of Cuba From the List of Terrorism Sponsors Countries

How many people seek asylum in the US?

Bloat and 'Bigotry': Six Democrats Join With House GOP to Pass $833 Billion Pentagon Budget

US Army male enlistment plunges by 35% in past decade

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service

Active-Duty US Service Members Issue Appeal to Congress to Stop Funding Genocide

A $600 Billion Swindle: Study Makes Case to 'Abolish' Medicare Advantage

G7 Dignitaries Say Biden Was “Losing Focus”; “Worst He’s Ever Been”

Biden-Trump debate rules revealed: CNN will mute each candidate while the other speaks

Biden is not well. Everyone knows this even those who support him…

Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab

The Resistance to a New Trump Administration Has Already Started

The Second US Civil War Has Already Begun

Trump vows to end ‘gender insanity’ in schools

President of U.S. University Says pro-Palestinian Protesters No Longer Welcome on Campus

Nashville Journalist Faces Jail Time Over Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leak



We Cover the Issues the Corporate Media Never Will.

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 US-supported Israel has killed 37,266 people in Gaza since October 7th

Biden says no Gaza cease-fire deal soon, as mediators work to bridge gaps

Palestinian Resistance's response to 'Israel's' ceasefire proposal: Here is the text of the Resistance's response:

US Had Direct Involvement In Israeli Massacre of 274 Palestinians

War on Gaza: The death of American exceptionalism

House Votes to Block U.S. Funding to Rebuild Gaza

G7 agrees $50bn loan for Ukraine from Russian assets

Biden signs 10-year pact with Ukraine that could be upended if Trump wins

Why Biden's 10-year Security Pact With Ukraine is Nothing But a PR Stunt

Scott Ritter: West Has to Decide Whether It Wants Peace After Putin's Ukraine Proposal

Pepe Escobar : Russia Readies War With NATO

'Truly Shameful': Pentagon Ran Secret Anti-Vax Campaign Against China at Height of Covid Pandemic


John Mearsheimer: The Biden Admin Is LYING About The Cease Fire Deal & Hamas
By John Mearsheimer and Katie Harper

Professor John Mearsheimer determines that Secretary of State is “not telling a true story.”


FBI Whistleblower Exposes Israel’s Chokehold on American Politics
By Mnar Adley

Who is the lesser evil?” “I could never figure out between the two parties at this point who is the lesser evil.


Behold The World Gently
By Caitlin Johnstone

The dead children don’t affect me like they used to.


Why the Senate Must Reject the Dangerous Antisemitism Awareness Act
By Richard Eskow

The bill named the "Antisemitism Awareness Act" aims to suppress free speech under the pretext of fighting antisemitism.


Putin names conditions for Ukraine peace talks

Accepting these terms will allow everyone involved to turn the page and gradually rebuild damaged relations, the president said.



When Israel killed twins in front of their father

10-year-old boy dies of malnutrition, starvation in Gaza

Israel inflicts acute malnutrition in 8,000 children under five: WHO

Aid convoy denied entry to northern Gaza, UN says

US humanitarian aid pier off Gaza to halt shipments for 3rd time in a month

Smotrich: Palestinian corpses should be 'put in carts and dragged through streets'

Around 50 men detained from Gaza released by Israel with visible signs of torture

Hamas’ says Israeli airstrike killed two hostages in Rafah

Massacre of the Tents’ – NYT Investigation Debunks Israeli Claims on Rafah Airstrike

US special ops considered an extraction of American hostages from Gaza, report

Colombia to provide treatment to wounded Palestinian children

Hamas proposed no significant changes to Gaza ceasefire deal: Official

Israel army accused of 'active' support for settlers in West Bank violence

US providing Israel with unprecedented amount of intelligence

Intense day in North as Hezbollah rockets pummel Israeli sites, troops

Israeli troops catapult fireball into Lebanon using weapon rarely used since 16th century

Intel suspends $15 billion factory expansion in Israel

Sailor injured, cargo ship ablaze after missile attack by Yemen’s Houthis

Turkey, US sign $23 billion F-16 fighter jet deal


More Than 80 Killed by Suspected Jihadists in Wave of Attacks in DRC

At least 20 killed in paramilitary forces attack in C. Sudan:

UN adopts a resolution demanding that Sudan’s paramilitary force halt its siege of a Darfur city

Sudan's army says it has killed US-sanctioned RSF Darfur commander

US to provide over $315 million in additional aid for Sudan

After Training African Coup Leaders, Pentagon Blames Russia for African Coups


Ukraine Loses Over 3,700 Troops in One Week

Watch: Ukraine Loses Brigades One By One | Volchansk Cauldron

Ukraine Reports First Kill Inside Russia Using Western Weapons:

Russians Move S-500 Air Defense System to Crimea: Ukraine Spy Chief

Putin addresses top Foreign Ministry officials: Moscow is not seeking a temporary ceasefire, but rather a lasting peace.

Kiev rejects Moscow’s new peace proposal

Scott Ritter: West Has to Decide Whether It Wants Peace After Putin's Ukraine Proposal

Russia and NATO are drifting towards a major war: It’s not impossible that the Ukraine conflict could eventually lead to a nuclear conflict, in which there will be no winners

US senator has betrayed Washington’s worst kept secret about Ukraine

Why Biden's 10-year Security Pact With Ukraine is Nothing But a PR Stunt

Canada to Ship More Military Equipment to Ukraine

Ireland to Gift Non-Lethal Military Vehicle Fleet to Ukraine

Explainer-What will happen when the Ukraine gas transit deal expires?

Ukraine to buy US gas for first time

France talks tough on Ukraine while gobbling up more Russian gas

Macron’s Approval Falls to the Lowest Level Since Late 2018

Don’t Tell the French — But They’re Americans Now: Emmanuel Macron has changed his country and Europe — and not in ways that he necessarily intended.


Pope Francis called on Friday for a ban on "lethal autonomous weapons"


Why are Russian warships in Cuba?

US House Passes $895.2Bln Defense Authorization Bill for Fiscal Year 2025

'We Need Medicare for All Yesterday': US Healthcare Spending to Hit $7.7 Trillion

Watch: Biden wanders off at parachute show

At 78, Trump too is showing signs of aging

'Resign Immediately': Clarence Thomas Took Even More Secret Trips on Billionaire's Jet



US-supported Israel has killed 37,202 people in Gaza since October 7th

U.N. Inquiry on Gaza Finds Israel Committed War Crimes Including Starvation, Torture and Murder

Security Council adopts US resolution calling for ‘immediate, full and complete ceasefire’

Israel vows to press on in Gaza after UN Security Council approves ceasefire proposal

Halt to the War, Israeli Withdrawal – Palestinian Resistance Responds to Ceasefire Proposal

US claims Israel has accepted the ceasfire proposal, but it has not publicly confirmed its acceptance.

Blinken says some Hamas changes to Gaza ceasefire proposal ‘not workable’

Federal Court Hears Appeal in Case Accusing Biden of Complicity in Gaza Genocide

India Welcomes Egypt, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia And Ethiopia Joining BRICS

Russia says it's working with a group of countries to build a platform that doesn't need the dollar


The day the West defined ‘success’ as a massacre of 270 Palestinians
By Jonathan Cook

Israelis dance in the streets, the White House hails a ‘daring’ operation, Sunak says he’s relieved.


Land of the Free?
By Philip Giraldi

Better watch what you say and to whom


On Poking Dragons
By Fred Reed

I wonder how many Americans quite understand what the US is facing in its aggressive confrontation with China.


Biden exploits WWII heroism to promote U.S. fascist aggression against Russia
By Finian Cunningham

In truth, U.S. imperialism and its NATO war machine have resurrected the aggression of Nazi Germany against Russia.




Almost 3,000 Children at Risk of Death in Gaza, Due to Lack of Food and Nutrition – UNICEF

Video of Israeli execution-style killings in Gaza

Watch: Israeli attack hits Palestinian tent camp in central Gaza

Israeli police release hostage rescue footage (VIDEO)

'Immense' scale of Gaza killings amount to crime against humanity, UN inquiry says

Israel's systematic sexual abuse and torture of Palestinians detailed in new reports

Offical Israel social media account declares 'there are no innocent civilians' in Gaza

Tel Aviv steals $35m in Palestinian funds for Israelis killed by resistance

India co-signs BRICS statement that decries Israel’s ‘blatant disregard of international law’ in Gaza

53% of Jews and 86% of Arabs — said they disapproved of how Biden was dealing with Gaza war

US congressional bill would provide an additional $30m for Israel

Zionist Forces Kill 11 Palestinians – Occupied West Bank

Israel confirms killing of senior Hezbollah commander in S. Lebanon

160 rockets fired at northern Israel -- Israeli Army

49 Drown and 140 Others Feared Lost at Sea as Boat Ferrying Refugees Sinks Off Yemen’s Coast

Yemen dismantles extensive US, Israeli spy network

UN rejects 'outrageous spying allegations' against staff held in Yemen

Iran's judiciary chief says Gaza plight needs coordinated action by Muslim states


Nigeria gunmen kill at least 25 in village raid, officials say

ICC seeks evidence on Sudan war crimes as displacement tops 10 million


Pakistani army kills 11 militants in raid in the northwest

40 Indians Killed In Kuwait Building Fire, PM Modi Holds High-Level Meet

As China-backed Brics mulls Thailand membership, could more countries soon join the club?

Brics countries can promote peace, stand against ‘new cold war’: China’s Wang Yi

China's $10,000 EV is coming to Europe. Sorry, America.

China's HH-100 commercial unmanned transport system demonstrator completes maiden flight


Russian missile strike kills 9 in Zelensky's hometown - officials

Massive Missile Strike Launched On Kyiv | Russia Captured 2 Villages. Military Summary

Scott Ritter: Why did it take Russia so long to realize Donbass was worth fighting for?

The US lifts a ban on sending weapons to a controversial Ukrainian military unit, citing the neo-Nazi ideology of some of its founders.

Arming Ukrainian neo-Nazis a sign of US desperation – ex-Pentagon official

Watch: Medics fight the military recruiters in Odessa.

Biden, France's Macron reach agreement on using Russian assets for Ukraine

European banks to provide over €600M in funds for Ukraine

NATO to take over coordination of arms deliveries to Ukraine, Stoltenberg says

Hungary Not To Participate in NATO Efforts in Ukraine: Orban

Moscow exchange suspends trading in dollars and euro

Putin 'fully supports' Turkey’s aspirations in BRICS

Putin signs Moon-station deal with China

Assange’s UK appeal against US extradition to begin on July 9

UK economy shows no growth in April: official data

UK PM Rishi Sunak Cites Growing Up Without Sky TV As Example Of Hardship

Irish MEP Clare Daly loses seat


Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam admits he was BLACKMAILED by the Israeli lobby to support the 1973 Yom Kippur War…



Russian Military Ships and Nuclear Submarine Arrive in Cuba

Bananas and Blood: Chiquita Ordered to Pay Colombian Families $38 Million for Backing Death Squads

Haiti names new cabinet, in strong shift from previous government

U.S. officials discussed hitting Canada with trade sanctions over Quebec's language law

AIPAC’s Billionaire Backers Are Funding Anti-Union Groups Too: The pro-Israel electoral machine are also financing the United States’s union-busting infrastructure.

News of Chomsky's Ill Health Prompts Outpouring of Gratitude for 'Lion of the Left'

'Unfit For Office': Paul Ryan Torches Trump In Scathing Fox News Interview

Hunter Biden, is convicted of all 3 felonies in federal gun trial

Senate Democrat probes Jared Kushner’s investment firm

Glenn Greenwald: Hunter Biden's Gun Charges Conviction Exposes Media Lies About "Russian Disinfo" Campaign

US Could See Surge in People Not Voting

Sanders Applauds CFPB Move to Ban Medical Debt From Credit Reports

Why more American expats are renouncing their US citizenship




Why Hamas cannot accept Israel's/Biden's ceasefire proposal
By David Hearst

If anyone owns the daily carnage in Gaza being carried out by an angry and humiliated Israeli army, it is US President Joe Biden.


US involved in Israeli operation that killed over 200 Palestinians
By MEE staff

Nuseirat was being annihilated. It was hell."


Inviting Netanyahu to Congress Is Like “a Bad Horror Movie”
By John Nichols

“Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal. He should not be invited to address a joint meeting of Congress.” Bernie Sanders.


Supporting genocide to halt multipolarity
By Pepe Escobar

That’s the crossroads scenario we’re in right now. Open Hot War or an array of Hybrid Wars between major powers and their vassals – essentially, the Third World War. 


The Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All
By David Vine and Theresa (Isa) Arriola

When a bomb explodes, someone profits.


Navy Admiral’s Bribery Charges Are Just Part of a System of Corrupt Dealings
By William Hartung | Ben Freeman

We can expect much of the hundreds of billions of new money likely to be thrown at the Pentagon in the next few years to go to waste. If that’s not a scandal of the highest order, we don’t know what is.



Calls to end Gaza ‘bloodbath’ after Israeli kills 274 People

How 4 prisoners were freed from Hamas captivity in central Gaza

IOF hid inside aid truck for deadly US-Israel operation in Nuseirat

Hamas video allegedly depicts three captives killed by Israel, including US citizen

Hamas claims three prisoners killed, including US citizen, in Israel attack that killed more than 200 People in Gaza

US provided intelligence that helped Israel’s hostage rescue operation – report

UN official slams Western double standards over Nuseirat massacre

Qassam Brigades trap, kill Israeli soldiers in booby-trapped Rafah home

Israeli occupation forces kills three Palestinian youths in West Bank

Why Biden's ceasefire speech was a sham

US considering unilateral deal with Hamas on hostage release, NBC reports

Developing Countries Call on US to Lift Palestinian UN Veto

Lost Moral Credibility’ – UN Official Slams Bias of Countries Over Gaza Genocide

Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz quits emergency government

UN to vote on Biden's ceasefire deal tonight - as US considers negotiating with Hamas

Hamas sources deny Egypt, Qatar threatened to arrest leaders if hostage deal not okayed

Israeli Attack Kills Eight Soldiers in Syria

Israel Has Been Added To The UN Blacklist – What Does It Mean?

'Israel' eyeing measures to cut ties with Guterres over blacklisting

Watch: Hezbollah's Greatest Win: New Lebanese Missiles Decimate IDF Jets Mid-Air

Is Israel about to expand the war to Lebanon?

Lebanese resistance targets two Israeli settlements

Yemen strikes UK warship in response to Israel’s Nuseirat massacre

Two ships catch fire after apparent Houthi missile strikes off Yemen’s Aden

Yemen: 16 civilians killed, 35 injured in deadliest month of the US-led bombing

Why Turkey wants to join Brics


Nearly 80 Killed in Terror Attack in Eastern DR Congo

3 Americans implicated in a coup attempt in Congo go on trial before a military court

Last Hospital in Sudan Attacked as RSF Kill Over 100 in Past Week

38 migrants killed after boat capsizes, coming from the Horn of Africa

Syrian rebels sent to Africa to guard mines and businesses


At least 9 killed after suspected militants in Kashmir fire at Hindu pilgrims

Pakistan's army says bomb blast kills seven soldiers

China says it is willing to upgrade economic corridor with Pakistan and deepen ties with Brazil

Iran acting FM urges U.S. to release Afghanistan's frozen assets,


Russian forces capture Staromaiorskoye village southwest of Donetsk

Ukraine hits Russian Su-57 jet for first time, military intelligence says

Macron to ‘finalize’ plans to send Western trainers to Ukraine

Biden, Macron agree to seize profits of $280B in Russian assets for Ukraine

Ukrainian officials stole $490 million meant for military – MP

Zelensky ‘relying on sycophants’ – The Times: Chief of staff Andrey Yermak is de facto the head of state

Lavrov opens BRICS meeting in Russia, first after new members joined

Russia’s Oil and Gas Revenues Surged by 73.5% in January-May

Far-right gains ground in EU elections, exposing ‘deep discontent among European public’


Fact check: is Australia exporting weapons to Israel?


BRICS developing platform for transactions in national currencies – Lavrov


Pro-Palestine protesters slam Biden in 'red line' rally at White House

Fresh Calls to 'Reject AIPAC' After Analysis of GOP Money in Dem Primaries

Who Is Miriam Adelson? – Trump’s Billionaire Who Puts Israel before ‘America First’

Trump probation interview set for Monday after hush money conviction

Supreme Court Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America ‘Can’t Be Compromised’

Hunter Biden will not testify at gun trial, prosecution and defense wrap their cases

A $600 Billion Swindle: Study Makes Case to 'Abolish' Medicare Advantage




War on Gaza: US courts must hold Biden accountable
By Miranda Cleland

On 10 June, an appellate court, will have the opportunity to demonstrate that the president of the United States, is not above the law.


Israel Secretly Targeted US Lawmakers With Gaza War Influence Campaign
By Omer Benjakob

In an attempt to sway global public opinion, fake accounts and sites spread pro-Israel and Islamophobic content.


Full text of Israel's Gaza ceasefire proposal announced by Biden
By MEE staff

General Principles for an agreement between the Israeli side and the Palestinian side in Gaza.


Civil ICC case against Ursula von der Leyen raises stakes on genocide complicity
By Richard Falk

In an attempt to sway global public opinion, fake accounts and sites spread pro-Israel and Islamophobic content.


Israel's final fall will only be a matter of time. The countdown has begun.


Vladimir Putin speaks at SPIEF 2024

Putin says Russia does not need to use nuclear weapons for victory in Ukraine


Scott Ritter : On My Way to Russia I Met Big Brother

Ritter's passport seized, preventing his flight to Russia


Myanmar Civil War: US Proxy War to Contain China
By Finian Cunningham

The U.S. aims to exploit the turmoil to contain China's influence.




Survivors of Israeli strike on Gaza school describe finding children’s bodies

Israeli forces batter central, south Gaza as tanks advance in Rafah

Israeli Forces Kill Three Youths in Occupied West Bank

UNRWA Chief Expresses Concern Over Diminished Western Response to Gaza Crisis

As Gaza Starves, Israeli Minister Ben-Gvir Calls to Reduce Humanitarian Aid

Gantz expected to leave coalition Saturday night, though he’s under pressure to stay

We will not go away’: Israeli demolitions leave Bedouin homeless

Israel rejects Security Council resolution in support of its own hostage deal offer

Delegates walk out of UN meeting during Israel speech

Displaying Photos of Kids Starved by Israel, Sanders Explains Boycott of Netanyahu Speech

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to address US Congress on July 24

UK’s Labour Party manifesto to pledge recognition of Palestinian state

Historic’: NAACP urges Biden to end arms transfers to Israel amid Gaza war

Spain applies to join South Africa’s case at ICJ accusing Israel of genocide

Pipeline v genocide: How Turkiye can legally block oil exports to Israel

Israel Has Used White Phosphorus on 17 Towns in Lebanon Since October

Hezbollah drone kills IDF soldier in northern Israel

US warns Israel against war with Hezbollah

'Israel cannot win against Hezbollah or Hamas': Israeli general

US and British Bomb Yemen, Houthis say

Yemen's Houthi rebels detain at least 9 UN staff members in sudden crackdown

Attacks on US-linked businesses rattle Baghdad as anger over Gaza surges


At least 100 killed after RSF paramilitary group attacks village in Sudan

288 civilians killed in clashes in Sudan's El Fasher

US citizens face charges ‘punishable by death’ in alleged coup attempt in Congo


Xi meets Brazilian vice president

Indian opposition demands probe into alleged Modi ‘stock market scam’


Lugansk Residential Areas Deliberately Struck by Five US-Made ATACMS Missiles - Russian MoD

Droning Russia’s nuke radars is the dumbest thing Ukraine can do

Ukraine has been invaded by a tyrant bent on domination: Remarks by President Biden Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

The West Should Be Receptive to Russia’s Openness to Talks

Biden apologises to Zelenskyy for aid delays, lauds Ukraine’s war efforts

European Commission approves EU membership talks for Ukraine

Hungary obstructs decision on Ukraine accession talks among EU members

Putin's Remark on Russian Arms Supplies to Other Regions 'Important', Orban Says

European elections: Hungary poll puts Orbán’s Fidesz on 50% with Magyar’s Tisza on 27% – as it happened

Netherlands to invest $436 million to make armored vehicles for Ukraine

Former British-Israeli official accused of war crimes in Gaza


Freedom of speech 'gone and it won’t come back': former Austrian FM


US test-fires two unarmed Minuteman III nuclear weapons

SPIEF 2024: BRICS members discussing unified payment system – Russian finance minister


Canada police use tear gas on anti-Gaza war protesters

Russia to send combat vessels to Caribbean to project ‘global power’, US official says

Russia nuclear-powered submarine to visit Cuba amid rising tensions with US

Greed’: John Deere rolls out hundreds of US layoffs and sends work to Mexico

The Hunter Biden Case Is Solid. There’s Something Rotten About It Too: The president’s son faces long odds to avoid conviction.

Biden’s abiding support for Israel will lose him the election

Trump leads Biden by 5 points in North Carolina survey

Americans Are Leaving Both Parties. This Colorado City Shows Why.

The working class isn't dumb or missing the point.

Who Is Miriam Adelson? – Trump’s Billionaire Who Puts Israel before ‘America First’

Trump ally Bannon ordered to report to prison for defying Jan. 6 probe

Watchdog: Thomas Accepted More in Gifts Than All Other SCOTUS Members Combined": Since 2004, Thomas has accepted more than $4 million in donations, much of it undisclosed

Database Reveals 'Staggering' $6.6 Million in Gifts to Supreme Court Justices

Report Exposes Christian Nationalist “Threats” to Democracy in the US




‘We Are the World Power.’
By Massimo Calabresi

Biden admits, Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political reasons


To continue the Gaza genocide, Israel and the US must destroy the laws of war
By Jonathan Cook

The initial victims are the people of Gaza. But in a world without laws, where might alone makes right, all of us will ultimately be the losers.


Scott Ritter: Russia’s victory over Ukraine is drawing near
By Scott Ritter

Russia’s strategic goal has always been the ”demilitarization” of Ukraine.




Bodies of 120 Palestinians Found in Jabalia

Israeli air strikes continue across Gaza

Israel's starvation policy in Gaza puts 3,500 Palestinian children at risk of death

Gaza: conditions ‘unspeakable’ as one million people forcede to flee Rafah: UNRWA

Netanyahu: US portrayal of Israeli proposal to Hamas ‘not accurate’ : "I am not willing to stop the war,"

Netanyahu: We’ll eliminate Hamas; ‘gaps’ between our proposal, terms Biden presented

Ben Gvir: Netanyahu ‘whitewashing’ contents of hostage deal proposal

Egypt Demands Israeli Forces Withdrawal to Reopen Rafah Border Crossing

Far-Right Israeli Minister Threatens To Turn West Bank ‘Into Ruins’

Israel Has Taken 9,000 Hostages in West Bank U since October 7

Israeli Attack on Syria Kills 16 People

Israeli attack on S. Lebanon kills two

Revealed for First Time’ – Ansarallah Targets Eilat with New ‘Palestine Missile’

Yemen Rebels Launch Drones & Ballistic Missile Toward Israel

Houthi rebel footage appears to show a downed US Reaper drone worth $30 million.

Slovenia opposition files motion delaying Palestinian state recognition

Maldives will ban Israelis from entering the country over the war in Gaza

UAE minister: China-Arab states cooperation will open new opportunities

Iraq: US-linked Restaurants Attacked In Baghdad: Security Sources


Violent clashes erupt in parts of Sudan

Famine looms over Sudan as millions starve amid conflict

Sudanese diplomat confirms commitment to Russian naval base on Red Sea

South Africa’s ANC loses 30-year parliamentary majority after election


27 civilians killed after wedding bombed in Myanmar: media

Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan acquitted in state secrets case, but will remain in jail

India Elections: Modi Ahead but Markets Plunge as Landslide Forecasts Fade

India defies Washington’s pressure to deal with Iran

Watch: China reaches dark side of the Moon


Russia launches large-scale missile attack on Ukraine, damaging energy infrastructure

Belgium Prohibits Use of F-16 Fighters by Ukraine for Strikes Inside Russia

Harris to attend Ukraine "peace" summit after Zelensky urged Biden to go

Saudi Arabia will not attend Peace Summit because of Russia's absence

Zelensky accuses China of helping Russia sabotage Ukraine peace summit

China responds to Zelensky's accusation of interference in global peace summit

Ukraine sent special forces to Syria to attack Russians there, revealing a new front to the war: report

Switzerland's upper house rejects 5 billion Swiss franc aid plan for Ukraine

Kiev will not be able to pay citizens adequate pensions for the foreseeable future

Russia Has a New Hotspot For Ship-to-Ship Oil Transfers in the Mediterranean


Hypocrisy and Deceit Down Under – Is Australia a Zionist Stronghold?


Oil producers led by Saudis extended supply cuts amid slack prices

Climate Movement Has New Plan to Destroy Big Oil

Shares in world’s biggest companies plunge suddenly amid NYSE ‘technical issue’


Kenya police deployment to Haiti faces delay amid critical equipment shortages

‘La Presidenta’: Claudia Sheinbaum wins historic Mexico election mandate

The elusive Chinese boogeyman in Latin America

Congressman opposes bill by US House Republicans to sanction ICC

San Francisco police arrest dozens at Israeli Consulate

No diploma: Colleges withhold degrees from students after pro-Palestinian protests

‘She’s not telling the truth about war crimes’: US official resigns over Gaza war and hits out at boss Samantha Power

Majority of American Jews Support Biden’s Decision to Withhold Arms to Israel – new Poll

Watch: London protesters rally to support Trump

Hunter Biden trial live updates: First son’s federal gun charges case begins with jury selection

NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers — a fact they tried to hide




Putin "Let Me Warn Them"

Putin's comments suggest a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict, implicating NATO in active military operations against Russia.


Nothing Is Off the Table in Netanyahu's Mafia State of Israel
Harretz Editorial

The Legal and Political Implications Ahead of the 2024 Election


By Norm Finkelstein

Israel is a Jewish Supremacist State.


US President remarks on the situation in the Middle East and Donald Trump
Video and transcript

"It’s dangerous, and it’s irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don’t like the verdict."


Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. Respond to the Trump Verdict

"So basically they're saying okay we'll kill you now"


Trump Trial Guilty Verdict
By Glen Greenwald

The Legal and Political Implications Ahead of the 2024 Election




Over 1 million’ forced to flee Rafah amid Israeli attacks

Any truce offer must involve ‘complete withdrawal’ of Israeli forces from Gaza: Islamic Jihad

Hamas 'views positively' lasting ceasefire deal presented by Biden

Israeli army withdraws from Gaza's north after weeks of heavy clashes

Scott Ritter: Israel is LOSING the War as IDF Suffers HUMILIATION on the Battlefield

Nearly half of Israeli settlers displaced from north 'refuse to ever return': Poll

China renews call for ceasefire and establishment of Palestinian state

Xi announces $69 million in aid for Gaza

China, Arab nations condemn US over veto against Palestinian state

USAID Contractor Resigns After Presentation on Maternal & Child Mortality in Gaza Canceled

UK denies medical treatment to critically injured children from Gaza

US/UK killed at least 16 and wounded 42 people in Yemen, Thursday

Yemen’s Houthis ‘attack’ US carrier after deadly attacks

'A direct hit': Yemen targets US aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in Red Sea

Xi urges greater efforts to build China-Arab community with shared future

At the request of Baghdad, UN Security Council unanimously votes to end Iraq mission next year


Separatists kill 11 in Nigeria’s south-east, army says

South Africa's ANC facing coalition as election ends decades of dominance


China denounces U.S. deployment of mid-range missile system in the Philippines

China, Tunisia establish strategic partnership

President Xi, Bahrain's king attend signing ceremony of cooperation documents

China Is Eating the United States’ Diplomatic Lunch

India election 2024 exit polls updates: Modi’s alliance projected to win


Russia Says It May Take Extra Nuclear Deterrence Steps if US Puts Missiles in Europe/Asia

Blinken says U.S. approved use of its weapons by Ukraine to attack Russia

Denmark backs Ukraine to use its F-16 jets for attacks on Russia

Germany indicates Ukraine can use Western weapons to target Russian positions near Kharkiv region

Watch drone footage shows the town of Vovchansk in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region in ruins

Italy’s migrant jails are squalid and chaotic. A young man from Guinea was desperate to escape


Why the Biden administration decided not to sanction the ICC

Donald Trump’s felony means he’s banned from Canada and UK

Trump says he will appeal historic conviction

Elon Musk Is Absolutely Raging About the Trump Verdict: Musk moaned that the history-making outcome of the trial is bad news for all Americans.

Biden Stakes Re-Election Campaign on Reviving Bad Memories of Trump

“The Laptop is Real”: Justice Department Denounces Claims of Russian Disinformation as a Biden “Conspiracy Theory”

How Hunter Biden has come to face jurors on federal gun charges

US Army Launches $500 Million Ammunition Facility in Texas




Only decolonisation can stop Israel, not more futile UN resolutions
By Ramona Wadi

The only way to stop Israel’s genocide is to “de-Zionise” occupied Palestine and dissolve the settler-colonial Zionist state.


Nikki Haley writes ‘Finish Them!’ on Israeli bomb bound for Gaza

The Republican politician was visiting Israel when Israeli forces bombed a camp in Rafah, killing at least 45 Palestinians.


Washington Digs In Deeper on Its Support for Israel
By Philip Giraldi

Claims of “terrorism” and “antisemitism” promote the perpetual victim narrative


Putin: NATO must understand who it is playing with!

President Putin, in Tashkent, met with the media and answered questions regarding the crisis around Ukraine.




Israeli forces kill 53 people across Gaza

Israel Targets Ambulance, Kills Two Paramedics

The smell of death and blood wafts throughout Jabalia camp’: Palestinians have to make an impossible choice: leave the wounded to die, or risk their lives trying to save them.

Watch: Nine-year-old boy whose father burned to death in Rafah speaks out: ‘My dad is gone… where will I go?’ Nine-year-old Omar Hamad

Israel attacks Rafah city’s two hospitals

One Million People Have Been Forced to Flee Rafah’ Amid Israei Attacks – UNRWA

Most Israelis rate genocide campaign in Gaza ‘about right’ or not enough

Aid entering Gaza drops by two-thirds since Israel’s attack on Rafah, UN says

Former vice president Mike Pence, The US must give Israel full support until Hamas is destroyed

Israel demands UNRWA leaves its headquarters in East Jerusalem

Aid Groups in Rafah Say Israel Is Pushing Them Out

Xi pledges more Gaza aid and talks trade at summit with Arab leaders

4 IOF soldiers killed in in Gaza’s Rafah

Gantz’s National Unity party, still in coalition, submits bill to dissolve the Knesset

White House says Israel's Rafah strike and ground assault don't cross Biden's 'red line'

Israel extends control of Gaza's entire land border

Egypt warns it is ‘ready to respond’ after Israel’s seizure of Philadelphi corridor : Egypt has warned it will not hesitate to respond militarily.

Israel says war on people of Gaza likely to last another seven months

Bank of Israel chief warns war against Hamas will cost $67 billion in 2023-2025

Israel to require tourist application, fee for visitors

In pictures: 7 Israel police branded Palestinian with Star of David

Brazil president withdraws his country’s ambassador to Israel after criticizing the war in Gaza

Mexico files declaration of intervention in South Africa ICJ case against Israel

Finland Urges Israel To Adhere To ICJ Decisions, Humanitarian Law

Slovenia govt. recognises Palestinian state, but needs parliamentary approval

Knesset passes preliminary bill designating UNRWA terrorist organization

Watch: U.S. aid deliveries to Gaza by sea suspended after damage

Palestinian Teen Dies after he Was Shot by Israeli Troops in West Bank

Israeli Attack on Syria Kills Girl, Injures 10 Civilians

Another US MQ-9 Reaper drone shot down in Yemen

Houthis in Yemen Launch Attacks at Six Ships in Three Seas

Houthi Missile Attacks Damage Ship in the Red Sea


Partial count in South Africa election puts ruling ANC below 50% as country senses monumental change


4 Pakistanis killed by Iranian border guards

Nearly 3 Out of 10 Children in Afghanistan Face Crisis or Emergency Level of Hunger

India's Largest Refinery Inks Russian Oil Deal

Xi holds talks with Egyptian president

Xi holds talks with UAE president

China to expand investment and finance cooperation, promote mutually beneficial trade ties with Arab states: Xi

German delegation visits China to celebrate friendship, facilitate cooperation

China releases report exposing US’ deteriorated human rights situation


Biden secretly gave Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia with US weapons

It’s time for Russia to think about a ‘demonstrative’ nuclear test: The US-led bloc has lost its fear of the mushroom cloud

Poland Should Not Rule Out Sending Troops to Ukraine, Says Foreign Minister

Ukraine says it destroyed two Russian vessels in Crimea

Another Strike On Ukraine Airfield With F-16: Military Summary

US Abrams Tanks' Armor Is Failing in Ukraine

Biden to make his first state visit to France next week

UK: Arch Israel lobbyist picked for Labour safe seat

UK: Why I am Standing Against Keir Starmer: Labour’s leader thinks he can get away with supporting genocide in Gaza.


Israeli embassy set ablaze in Mexico

Americans Are Thinking About Immigration All Wrong: Population growth, economic growth, and income growth can be mutually reinforcing.

Another senior State official resigns over Gaza, taking aim at aid

New York city nurse honored for compassion is fired after referring to Gaza ‘genocide’ in speech

New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity: U.S. policy appear to be rooted in a mistaken understanding of what happened that day.

37% of Americans paid a late fee in the last 12 months, report finds




Israeli Missile Attack Turns Refugee Camp Into Rafah Hellscape
By Mike Whitney

Watching these eerie, post-apocalypse videos is both traumatizing and sobering.


Back to Nazi roots’
By Salman Ahmed

‘As Jews we have a responsibility to say ‘not in our name’ because Israel claims to speak in our name,’ says Hefets


The US Is Discrediting All Arguments For Why It Should Lead The World
By Caitlin Johnstone

The US empire is too crazy and sick to be allowed to rule the world anymore.




Israeli tanks hit evacuation zone west of Rafah killing 21 people on Tuesday

Israeli attack on Rafah tent camp kills 45, prompts international outcry

'Children burned alive': Death toll from Israel attack on Rafah safe zone rises to 50

Israelis celebrate Rafah massacre as Jewish holiday bonfire

Instagram hides Israel’s Rafah carnage, bans and removes content

Rafah’s main hospital shuts as Israel attacks again

‘No longer justifiable’: European leaders condemn Israel’s strike on refugee camp

EU foreign ministers discuss sanctions against Israel

Israeli Tanks Enter Center of Rafah Despite Global Outcry

IDF kills two Egyptian soldier at border area near Rafah.

Egyptian Nasserist Party calls for cancellation of Camp David Accords

‘Heinous massacre’: Israel’s attack on Rafah tent camp widely condemned

Iraq's Sadr Demands Closure Of US Embassy After Rafah Strike

Revealed: Israeli spy chief ‘threatened’ ICC prosecutor over war crimes inquiry

US lawmakers threatened ICC with 'The Hague Invasion Act', but what is it?

Spying, hacking and intimidation: Israel’s nine-year ‘war’ on the ICC exposed

China Urges Israel to Comply with ICJ Order, Halt Aggression

Report: Israeli Settlers, IDF Team Up to Destroy Gaza Aid Amid ‘Full-Blown Famine’

Ofer Cassif: The Israeli MP standing against his country's 'genocide'

Denmark: parliament rejects proposal to recognise Palestinian state

Erdogan: Netanyahu, you will meet Hitler's fate

‘Resistance Our Only Option’ – Palestinians React to News of Israeli Soldiers Captured in Jabaliya

Israel has taken nearly 9,000 Palestinians hostages in West Bank since 7 October

Israeli attack kill eight people in southern Lebanon

European Commission president accused of complicity in Israel’s war crimes at ICC

‘Audacious, outrageous’: Gaza protesters slam Greek deportation order

Saudi Arabia appoints first ambassador to Syria since 2012


Tens of thousands flee camp in Sudan after attacks by RSF

It’s an open secret: the UAE is fuelling Sudan’s war – and there’ll be no peace until we call it out

Russian energy giant building solar power plant in Africa


Five Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Gunbattles With Militants, Army Says

PM Narendra Modi claims he has been chosen by God


Multiple civilian deaths after Ukrainian strikes on Russian border region

Russia attacks Kharkiv with guided aerial bomb, kills 1, injures at least 12

Russia claims capture of 2 villages in Kharkiv, Donetsk oblasts, Ukraine hasn't confirmed

Russia Strikes Ukrainian Airport Adapted For F-16 Jets, Blasts Energy Infrastructure

Belgium to provide Ukraine with 30 F-16 aircraft by 2028, first to arrive in 2024

Ukrainian drone strikes Russian early-warning radar, traveling record-breaking 1,800 kilometers

Sweden OKs Ukraine Use of Swedish Weapons to Strike Deep Into Russia

NATO’s boss wants to free Ukraine to strike hard inside Russia

NATO Parliamentary Assembly supports Ukraine's right to hit targets inside Russia using Western arms

Kremlin condemns NATO boss's appeal for Ukraine to use Western arms in Russia

Germany opposes NATO shooting down Russian missiles

Spain pledges 1 billion euros of military aid to Ukraine in 2024

US announces $275M in new military assistance for Ukraine

‘It’s not a pretty picture:’ What a second Trump presidency could mean for Ukraine

Thousands rally in Armenia in protest at Azerbaijan land transfer


Papua New Guinea disaster agency tells UN 2,000 people are buried after landslide


Florida's Palm Beach County has become the world's largest investor in Israeli bonds

Canada announces five-fold increase in visas for Palestinians in Gaza

Trump promises crackdown on pro-Palestinian protests if elected

Judge denies request to restrict Trump statements about law enforcement in classified records case

Trump vows to stop ‘Biden’s march to WWIII’

Dems in full-blown ‘freakout’ over Biden

Libertarian Party picks political activist as its candidate for US president


US-supported Israel has killed 35,984 people in Gaza since October 7th

Watch: Israel bombs Palestinians sheltering in tents at a camp in Rafah killing 28 including children

Netanyahu has 'gone off the rails,' taking country down, says former IDF official

Knesset to hold preliminary vote designating UNRWA a terror organization

Israeli "Defense" Ministry to send delegation to US to strengthen ties, secure arms

Netanyahu set to address US congress

Follow the Money: How Israel-Linked Billionaires Silenced US Campus Protests

John Mearsheimer : Why Israel is in deep trouble: John Mearsheimer


Senator Schumer: Don't Invite Netanyahu. He's Not Your Ally or Your Friend. He Never Was
By Alon Pinkas

His sole purpose is to damage U.S. President Joe Biden's reelection bid while doing Trump's bidding.


'If You Don't Stand With Israel, We'll Work to Defeat You':
By Ben Samuels

Pro-Israel groups like AIPAC and the Republican Jewish Coalition are heavily involved in Republican primaries, targeting candidates with alleged anti-Israel records




International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Immediately Halt Military Offensive in Rafah

Watch: Israel’s attacks in Rafah continue despite ICJ ruling

Israeli massacres 81 people in Gaza in 24 hours

Blinken 'willing' to join persecution of ICC officials

US hostility towards the ICC is nothing new – it supports the court only when it suits American interests

Israel’s actions are ‘incompatible with international law,’ says Germany’s Habeck

Hamas resistance fires rockets on Israel amid intensifying attacks on Gaza

Hamas says it captured members of Israeli force in ambush

al-Qassam's Resistance fighters killed, wounded, and took captive an Israeli occupation force soldier in northern Gaza.

Israel must stop Rafah offensive and open border for aid, UN court rules

Israeli troops abduct injured civilians from Gaza hospitals: Report

Suspected Israeli reservist threatens mutiny

IDF dismisses masked soldier who threatened mutiny

Scuffles erupt between Israeli police and protesters calling for return of Gaza hostages

Israeli Historian Ilan Pappé on the “Collapse of the Zionist Project”

Netanyahu received four intel warnings of 'security risks' before 7 Oct

No signs of sexual assault on Oct. 7: Associated Press.

$320 million US pier collapses in Gaza, drifts to Ashdod (Video)

Watch: Worms, insects infest Gaza bound food stuck rotting in Egyptian sun

Why Israeli Squatters Attack Palestinian Trucks: They stole the merchandise, attacked the driver then burned the truck

Illegal Israeli squatters attack village in northern West Bank:

Occupation forces take 20 Palestinian hostages in the West Bank

World Bank warns Palestinian Authority on the brink of financial collapse

Italy to resume UNRWA funding with €5 million

Recognising Palestine is a ‘moral duty’: Slovenian FM:

Israel blasts Germany for declaring it will arrest Netanyahu

Hezbollah shells Israeli outpost after deadly strikes in southern Lebanon

'Israel' shocked by Hezbollah's ownership, usage of Almas missiles

Hezbollah leader warned Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "surprises" from the resistance in Lebanon

Yemen’s Houthi rebels freed over 100 war prisoners, the Red Cross says

Relations with Iran will be restored soon, says Bahrain’s vice parliament speaker

US expected to lift ban on sale of offensive weapons to Saudi Arabia, FT reports


At least 47 killed in Sudan army’s last Darfur stronghold el-Fasher

Tens of thousands flee camp in Sudan after attacks by RSF paramilitaries

This is how Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states could end war in Sudan

Burkina Faso extends military rule by five years


Taiwan's president says wants to work with China after drills

Some 45,000 Rohingya flee amid allegations of beheading, burning in Myanmar

The Rohingya face renewed danger at home. We must not forget them


Death toll rises to 12 in Russian bombing of hypermarket in Ukraine

Multiple civilian deaths after Ukrainian strikes on Russian border region (VIDEOS)

Manufacturing consent! Europe needs ‘long-term re-armament’ to counter Russia, Poland’s foreign minister says

Let Ukraine freely strike Russia with Western arms – NATO chief

US strike on Russian targets would be ‘start of world war’ – Medvedev

The US gave Ukraine glide bombs — but they keep missing because Russia is so good at jamming them

Hungary Blocks EU Plan To Give Ukraine Billions In War Aide

Punched, choked, kicked: German police crack down on student, labelled ‘terrorist sympathisers’ for protesting against Israel’s war on Gaza

Watch: Man claiming to be Israeli soldier arrested for anti-Muslim abuse in UK

UK’s Sunak promises mandatory national service for 18-year-olds if elected


Papua New Guinea landslide death toll exceeds 670, says UN agency

Bring Julian home’: the Australian campaign to free Assange

Peter Dutton wrong to claim Australia was consulted on ICC pursuit of Israeli leaders, government says

When a good job is not enough: why even well-paid Australians are going over the mortgage cliff

Australian PM says children under 16 must be banned from social media


Haiti gangs kill US Senator's daughter, son-in-law; burn their bodies

Kenya police to arrive in Haiti in 'three weeks'

Shameful! Latin America is a no-show in multinational security force for Haiti

Colombia will not shut key migrant crossing to Panama: foreign minister

Anger as Mexico delays recognising Palestine

People's conference for Palestine: Thousands attend workshops in Michigan

Donald Trump: 'If I don't get elected, it's going to be a bloodbath for the country!'

James Carville : ‘Democrat Messaging is Full of Sh*t!’

The rightwing plan to take over ‘sanctuary’ cities – and rebuild them Maga-style

Louisiana set to reclassify abortion pills as controlled, dangerous substances - here’s what that means



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US-supported Israel has killed 35,800 people in Gaza since October 7th

ICJ to make interim ruling on Israeli withdrawal from Rafah on Friday

Blinken willing to work with Congress on potential sanctions against ICC

US: ICC doesn’t have jurisdiction in Gaza, we do

Netanyahu compares himself to FDR and Churchill, blasts ICC decision

US House Speaker supports allowing Ukraine to attack Russia with US-supplied weapons

Russia begins tactical nuclear weapon drills near Ukraine border

UK: Five ministers included in Gaza war crimes complaint submitted to police

UK general election: Rishi Sunak calls snap July vote


What Do You Call People Who Fight on Their Own Land Against Foreign Soldiers?
By Amira Hass

The oppressed Palestinian people are no longer willing or able to go along with its oppression.


Ireland, Spain, Norway to recognize Palestinian statehood
By Shawn Pogatchnik

While none of the G7 nations recognize Palestine, more than 140 of the 193 members of the United Nations do.


US House Leader Inviting Netanyahu to Address Congress
By Patricia Zengerle

Netanyahu would be the first foreign leader to address joint meetings of Congress four times. He is currently tied at three with Britain's wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill.


GOP reps want same benefits for Americans serving in Israel army
By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

IDF soldiers would get same protections as those serving in US National Guard or Reserves


De-Dollarization Bombshell:
By Pepe Escobar

Get ready for what may well be the geoeconomic bombshell of 2024




IOF killed 11 people in West Bank's Jenin

IDF: 3 soldiers killed in northern Gaza

Israel attacks school in Gaza, killing at least nine

Watch: Israel attacks hospitals in northern Gaza again

Video shows Israeli forces seizing corpses in Gaza

U.S. intelligence reports: only one-third of Hamas eliminated by IDF to date: 65% of Hamas' tunnels remain active.

Israeli army extorts Gazans to turn against Hamas: Report

Israel’s latest offensives unleash ‘hell’ in Gaza, aid groups say

UN halts all food distribution in Rafah after running out of supplies

Pentagon: Aid has not been successfully delivered to Gazans in need

Maggot infestations and wounds that never heal for Gaza’s malnourished

Al-Aqsa Hospital nearly out of fuel: Health Ministry says only ‘minutes’ of fuel remain to power generators at Al-Aqsa Hospital

Rafah : Satellite images show: Flattened Buildings, Widespread Destruction:

Top Biden aide blasts Israel for withholding Palestinian tax revenues

Reward for terror’: PM condemns move by 3 countries to recognize Palestinian state

Israel Threatens 'Severe Consequences' for Nations Who Recognize Palestine

Israel recalls envoys after Ireland, Norway, Spain move to recognise state of Palestine

Netanyahu Minister to Nations Recognizing Palestine: 'Only Israel From the River to the Sea'

These countries recognise Palestine as a state

Israel has ‘detailed, important, even surprising plans’ for Hezbollah

WATCH: Israeli officials take down AP live shot of Gaza, citing new media law

Time for outrage over Israel’s meddling in European affairs

Mourners pack Iranian city of Mashhad for President Ebrahim Raisi’s burial


Two Soldiers, One Civilian Killed By Terrorists In Niger

Sudan war intensifies as wave of arrests hits Gedarif

Executions video raises new questions over DR Congo ‘coup attempt’

DRC army says it stopped attempted coup involving three US citizens

Zambia's ex-President Lungu under house arrest, he says


Russia proposes advanced nuclear projects to India

Lai Ching-te’s first day as Taiwan president marked by protests


Andriivka Reportedly Taken by Russian Forces,

Propaganda alert: European Support Grows for NATO Troops in Ukraine Amid Escalating Conflict

Watch: Russian Ambassador Accuses West of Hypocrisy and Warns Against F-16 Supply to Ukraine

Sweden to give Ukraine further €6.5 billion in military aid

EU seizes Russian profits for Ukraine

Putin signs decree allowing authorities to seize US property in Russia

The West always gives Ukraine weapons one year after it actually needs them, Zelenskyy says

Estonia allocates over € 650,000 for humanitarian aid to Ukraine amid new Russia’s offensive

Bahrain's King arrives in Russia for 2-day official visit

Georgian PM accuses EU of blackmailing him with assassination threat

Macron’s election campaign stumbles as wave of violence hits France

Germany's far-right AfD bans EU top candidate from public appearances


The ICC is pursuing arrest warrants for Israel and Hamas leaders. Has Australia ‘squibbed’ its response?


Changes in U.S. Leadership Approval, 2022 to 2023


Kenyan special forces police to arrive in Haiti to help combat gang violence

Top UN court declines to issue preliminary orders in Mexico-Ecuador dispute over Quito embassy raid

Reeling from one heat wave, Mexico awaits 'highest temperatures ever recorded'

Biden: What’s happening in Gaza ‘is not genocide’

Over 120 rights organizations urge US president to respect ICC independence

'Genocide Is Your Legacy!': Blinken Targeted by Protests at Senate Hearing: "You will be remembered as the butcher of Gaza!

Harvard board votes to block 13 sanctioned protesters from graduating, risks 'faculty rebellion,' says prof

Follow the money: How Israel-linked billionaires silenced U.S. campus protests

Senators Launch Probe of Trump's Alledged $1 Billion Offer to Big Oil

Nikki Haley says she will vote for Trump, ending months of silence

Who is Pro-Israel California Rep. Jared Huffman—Really?: Protestors probe his political psyche and we follow the money

Progressives Brought Down Under Crush of AIPAC-Affiliated Money in Oregon Primaries

Veterans became eligible for billions. Private firms saw a chance to profit.



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US-supported Israel has killed 35,562 people in Gaza, since October 7th

In Knesset speech, GOP's Elise Stefanik calls for unrestricted U.S. war aid to Israel

Attempt to Control Info’ – Netanyahu Prevents Israeli Security Chiefs from Meeting US Official

Leader declares 5 days of mourning over Raeisi's

World reacts to the death of Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi


ICC files application for arrest warrants against Netanyahu, Gallant
By Al Mayadeen

Members of Congress warned the International Criminal Court that arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials will result in US retaliation, and legislation for it is already in the making,


Biden Slams 'Outrageous' ICC Decision to Seek Arrest Warrants Against Netanyahu, Gallant
By Amir Tibon, Ben Samuels, Jonathan Lis and Reuters

Israel's allies in Congress slammed the ICC prosecutor's decision to file an application for an arrest warrant against Israel's leaders


Ostracising Israel at the UN should be a priority
By Moncef Khane

Stripping Israel of its UN rights and privileges is more likely to put added pressure on the Tel Aviv regime to change course.


Foreign bribery in Congress: 'The way business is done'?
By Brett Heinz

Rep. Henry Cuellar and Sen. Bob Menendez face charges of unlawful foreign influence, highlighting ongoing problems with foreign bribery in the U.S. Congress.


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange wins bid to appeal extradition to US
By Al Jazeera

The decision was met outside court by an eruption of cheering and singing.




Battles Continue – New Resistance Videos Show Fierce Clashes in Jabaliya

The International Criminal Court just saved Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran: Leader declares 5 days of mourning over Raeisi's

Iran announces new interim president and acting foreign minister

Who is Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s interim president?

US expresses condolences over death of Iranian President

Russia lost a reliable friend and ally: Putin


US set to evacuate ‘illegal’ troops from Niger

Three US citizens involved in foiled coup, leader killed: DRC Army

Who was behind the DRC’s attempted coup, and were Americans involved?

South African court rules Zuma ‘not eligible’ to run for parliament


First China-Mongolia joint army drill wrapped up with live-action

Russia and China to Sign Power of Siberia-2 Gas Pipeline Contract

Taiwan’s new leader William Lai takes the helm, and a tougher line


Putin wants buffer zone around Ukraine city of Kharkiv: He says Russia has no plans to capture the city

Russia Says US 'Playing With Fire' in 'Indirect War' With Moscow

Military aid to Ukraine from "Ramstein" members reaches $95B - Austin

Denmark Announces Military Aid for Ukraine

US has 'already delivered many of Ukraine's top priority requirements'

Europe Imports Russian Oil Products via Turkey, Skirting Sanctions

Zelensky: 'Our partners fear that Russia will lose this war'

Zelensky a ‘legitimate military target’ – Medvedev

Zelensky’s presidential term expires

Peaceful settlement still possible in Ukraine – Moscow

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy rejects Macron’s Olympic truce proposal


Pope Francis : "the globalization of indifference is a very ugly disease"


Haiti: Gangsters Demolish Prison and Police Station

US Politicians And Their Racist, Genocidal Comments – Palestine

'Shameful': 16 Dems Help GOP Pass Israel Security Assistance Support Act

Donald Trump’s ex-foreign policy advisers had meeting with PM Netanyahu in Israel, source says

Michael Cohen’s testimony wraps: Cohen admitted under oath to stealing from the Trump Organization

Top U.S. drug agency a notable holdout in Biden's push to loosen federal marijuana restrictions

How the US Congress aids and abets acts of genocide: White House blocks Republican demands for audio of Biden’s special council interview

Biden Makes Ridiculous Gaffe, Suggests He was VP During COVID Years, when Trump was President




“Resist the Normalization of Evil”: Israeli Reporter Amira Hass
Video and Transcript

“You go to Tel Aviv, you think you are in New York or you are in London — and 40, 50 kilometers away, Palestinians live in cages.” Amira Hass


Israel Descends Into Barbarism
By Lawrence Davidson

What we are witnessing in terms of Israeli behavior in Gaza is yet another example of learned fanaticism.


How Washington Protects Israel.
By Philip Giraldi

Israel is a monster, an apartheid state that somehow feels it is empowered by God and the United States to kill all its neighbors.


The West has decided to sort things out on the battlefield! Russia is ready! Lavrov.
By Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Russia is ready to sort things out with the West on the battlefield! Lavrov.


Ray McGovern: Russia & China — Two Against One
By Ray McGovern

The Pentagon will be the last to sing a requiem for the dearly departed unipolar world. May sanity prevail.


Washington and Western allies turn on India over Russia and China
By Finian Cunningham

As with Canada so also Australia, as it seems the United States is the party that is driving the media campaign against India.




Israeli attacks in the past few hours have killed at least 40 Palestinians across the Gaza Strip.

Resistance eliminates 15 Israeli soldiers

IDF recovers bodies of hostages Itzhak Gelerenter, Amit Buskila and Shani Louk in Gaza

10 rockets fired from Gaza at Ashkelon, while drone alerts blare in north

'Israel' reduced 604 mosques to rubble, stole 1,000 bodies from Gaza

US billionaires joined Whatsapp group to 'change Israel narrative'

War-cabinet minister issues ultimatum to Netanyahu: Benny Gantz has threatened to quit the government

Iraqi resistance targeted, an Israeli occupation site in occupied Palestine.

Possible ICC arrest warrant against Netanyahu: US hypocrisy, explained

'Israel' warns US it will punish PA if ICC issues arrest warrants

Spain denies docking permit to ship carrying Indian arms for Israel

Trucks carrying 300 pallets of humanitarian aid roll into Gaza across new US pier

West Bank squatters set fire to trucks mistaken for Gaza aid shipments

Who Warns That Gaza Has Not Received Medical Aid for 10 Days

Austria Will Restore Its Funding to the UNRWA

Israel plans to terminate trade agreement with Turkiye

Panamanian-flagged oil tanker hit by missile in Red Sea

Millions Demonstrate in Solidarity With Gaza in Yemen

Azerbaijan ready to assist Iran regarding helicopter incident

Iran confirms indirect talks with US in Oman


At least 23 people missing off Tunisia coast, authorities say

Hell on Earth’ as violence escalates in Sudan’s el-Fasher

S.Sudan: Government & Opposition Sign Pact for Lasting Peace


At least 50 killed in heavy rains, floods in Afghanistan’s Ghor province

Chaos erupts in Taiwanese parliament (VIDEO)


Russia has advanced 10km towards Kharkiv, says Ukraine

Watch: Kharkiv War Maps Reveal Russian Advances Along Front Line

Russian court orders seizure of $260m Deutsche Bank assets

Russian economic growth hits 5.4%

Russia and India to hold talks on visa-free tourism


Assange to receive final extradition verdict in UK court Monday

CIA Targeting Smartphone App Data: Data collected on individuals, typically by their smartphones, and the apps they use, sold by third parties


Chile students demand government sever relations with Israel

Another Deportation Flight Leaves the U.S. for Haiti Despite “Grave Dangers”

Haiti: U.S. Military Aircraft Offloaded 835 Tons of Cargo

Americans are down on the economy (again), with inflation topping election concerns

Man who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband sentenced to 30 years in prison



US Holds “Direct Complicity” in Gaza Famine, Former and Current US Officials Say
By Sharon Zhang

“I believe the U.S. to be complicit in creating the conditions for famine,” USAID staffer said.


What Will Happen When the Holocaust No Longer Prevents the World From Seeing Israel as It Is?
By Hagai El-Ad

No war crime committed by Israel in Gaza has aroused any feelings here in Israel, with the exception of the joy felt by the bloodthirsty right-wing.


US Democrats seeing red after Israeli letter reprimands lawmakers
By Al Mayadeen English

"An unaware reader would assume that Israel is the superpower in this relationship and the U.S. the recipient of aid."


What about the Palestinian hostages?
By Gideon Levy

No war crime committed by Israel in Gaza has aroused any feelings here in Israel, with the exception of the joy felt by the bloodthirsty right-wing.


Ilan Pappe interrogated by FBI at Detroit Airport
By Middle East Monitor

FBI agents copied the contents of his phone before allowing him to enter the country.


Authorized Terms
By Paul Edwards

The murder in Gaza is obviously not genocide, because it is not happening to Jews.


Xi, Putin hold talks, sign joint statement on deepening ties
By Yang Sheng in Beijing and Zhang Weilan in Harbin

China and Russia are committed to fairness and justice as the purpose of relations, and dedicated to the political settlement of hotspots.




Over 15,000 Gaza Children Killed by Israel Since October 7 – Red Crescent

Al-Qassam Kills 12 Occupation Soldiers, as Israel Army Retreats from Zaytoun

Watch: Israeli Army Devastated in Gaza – Resistance Roundup

War on Gaza to lead to army's demise: Israeli Reserve General Brik: "all 24 Hamas brigades are present [in Gaza] and not a single one of them has been destroyed."

'A War Crime': Rights Group Details Israel's Use of Children as Human Shields

24 hours of horror; how the IOF tortured 14-year-old Palestinian: DCI

Biden has opened a Pandora’s box: The American people will see this embarrassment for what it is: “fair-weather friending” a close ally and clearly showing a preference for its terrorist enemies.

US State Dept moves $1b. weapons aid for Israel to congressional review, US official says

Sayyed Nasrallah: ‘Israel’ Heading into Either Defeat or Abyss

World Leaders Blasted Over 'Grave' Violations of International Law by Israel

Spain denied port call for a ship transporting arms to 'Israel'

Every bombing of Palestinian refugee camps 'is a prick of human conscience' says China

These Are Israel’s Two Options – Hezbollah Leader Sends Strong Messages to Tel Aviv, Washington

Johannesburg Declaration Vows to Dismantle Israel’s Settler-Colonialism: The delegates vowed, “to ensure Israel and those complicit in its genocide are held accountable

“Turkey has decided to intervene in the case filed by South Africa against Israel"

No Moral Authority’ – Namibia’s Justice Minister Slams Germany over Israel Support: Namibia had suffered atrocities of genocidal acts by Germany, and it started in 1893,”

Namibia: A timeline of Germany's brutal colonial history

US military says Gaza pier project is complete

British aid shipment leaves Cyprus bound for Gaza pier

Before the End of the Month’ – Ireland to Recognize Palestinian State

Ireland's Sinn Fein Leader Slams Hypocrisy of Western Powers (VIDEO)

In first for US, California public university agrees to academic boycott of Israel


U.S. threats led to rupture of vital military ties, Nigerien leader says

Living in fear’ amid relentless battle for eastern DR Congo


Jailed ex-PM Imran Khan appears before Pakistan top court by videolink

France sends troops on 16,000km mission to quell unrest (VIDEOS)


Slovakia's pro-Russia Prime Minister Robert Fico wounded in apparent assassination attempt: His government halted arms deliveries to Ukraine

Slovakia faces ‘civil war’ – interior minister

Watch: Insane Assault On Volchansk And Lyptsi | Robotyne Has Fallen. Military Summary

Zelenskyy cancels all foreign trips as Russian offensive intensifies

'The world's fault': Zelenskyy speaks out amid Russian assault

NATO member Estonia is 'seriously' discussing sending troops to fill non-combat roles in Ukraine, security advisor says

Estonian parliament passes bill allowing use of frozen Russian assets for war reparations for Ukraine

EU Council approves Ukraine Plan needed for $54 billion support program

12% of US Aid to Ukraine 'Delinquent or Unaccounted For' - Defense Inspector General

German MPs call for 70km Nato air defence zone around Ukraine

Germany Quietly Deports Ukrainian Troops Over Use of Nazi Insignia

EU ambassadors agree on 'broadcast ban' of key Russian media outlets

Russia, China target $300Bln bilateral trade goal by 2030

France sends troops on 16,000km mission to quell unrest (VIDEOS)



Frozen human brain tissue brought back to life, which regained normal function.


16 Republican senators demand IRS investigate fiscal sponsor of Students for Justice in Palestine

Meetings on Disclosure, Divestment – Harvard Students Reach Agreement to End Encampment

Sarah Elfreth, backed by Republican and pro-Israel donors, defeats former capitol police officer : She received more than $4.2 million worth of support the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

"Bread and circuses.” : Trump accepts Biden debate challenge, setting up a June showdown

Romney takes swipe at Biden-Trump debates: ‘Like the two old guys on ‘The Muppets”

Biden asserts executive privilege over audio of interview with special counsel

President for sale: Massive donation to Trump from Jewish org : America's 'Jewish community is more energized than ever' to support former President Trump

That was a lie!’ Trump attorney blows up at Michael Cohen

There's an unprecedented number of recession signs flashing, veteran strategist says




Who tried to pull the rug on Netanyahu, and why?
By Alastair Crooke

No one will stop us. We kill in paroxysms of excitement. We are gods.


Israel’s Willing Executioners
By Chris Hedges

No one will stop us. We kill in paroxysms of excitement. We are gods.


How the western 'rules-based order' is a sham
By Marco Carnelos

The US and Israel reject ICC jurisdiction, emphasizing the "rules-based order" over international law.


The US establishment is detached from reality
By Ammiel Alcalay

This disappearance of almost any stable reference point in the public sphere is truly a precarious moment in the life of the nation, and seems like a harbinger of some kind of dystopian totalitarianism –




Gaza: Israeli bombing kills 40 people in Nuseirat

Zionist Troops Have Killed More Than 630 Doctors in Gaza

More than 35K people killed and US still, insists 'Israel' not committing genocide in Gaza

'Bullshit process and result': US says Israel is complying with international law. 'Complete nonsense’, experts say

UN confirms Gaza death toll is over 35,000 but not all bodies identified

‘It is Moral!’ – Ben-Gvir Calls for Gaza Reoccupation, Ethnic Cleansing

(Lunatic) US Senator Lindsey Graham suggests Israel should nuke Gaza

Ben Gvir urges 'emigration' of Palestinians at Gaza squatter rally

Watch 2 Minutes: American aid workers trapped in Gaza after border closure

Israel attacked aid workers despite knowing their locations, report says

Gaza: 'Less than a week' of food left in south after Israel seized Rafah crossing

Total outrage’: White House condemns Israeli attack on Gaza aid trucks: Protesters block convoy, throw food into road and set fire to vehicles

In PR stunt: UK’s David Cameron slams ‘extremist’ Israeli attacks on Gaza-bound aid

Five Iraqi soldiers killed in ISIS attack: Report

Lebanon state media says Israel attack kills two

Strategic setbacks for US, Israel as the Resistance Axis gains ground in Syria

Israel slowly returns diplomats to Turkiye following Gaza dispute


Children killed as bomb falls near Sudan hospital - MSF

Hospitals overflowing in besieged Sudanese city as final battle looms

Seven million in South Sudan face food insecurity crisis: UN

ICC Prosecutor outlines roadmap to complete Libya war crimes probe


Biden announces 100% tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles

Four killed in protests against flour and energy prices in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.


Watch: Ukreaine: Umanske Has Fallen | Breakthrough At Chasiv Yar |Military Summary

Zelenskiy calls for more air defences as Blinken arrives in Kyiv

More US aid on the way, assures Blinken as Russia advances on Kharkiv

Ukraine does not have enough reserves in manpower.: Head of Ukrainian military intelligence

One of us is crazy and it's not me: Blinken: Time is not on Putin's side : Russia has been losing the battle for control

NATO member to give extra aid to Ukraine

Propaganda alert: Putin is plotting ‘physical attacks’ on the West, says GCHQ chief

Swedish PM says open to hosting nuclear weapons in wartime

Russia Puts Bulava Intercontinental Missile into Service

Georgia bill passes: Why the West needs to stay out of the protests

Why the prayer ban verdict signals a grim future for UK Muslims

Cambridge college divests from all arms investments: Report


AFP must explain deal allowing Chinese ‘secret police’ to conduct operations in Australia


US expands production of 15-tonne bombs to target nuclear facilities

Migration tracking group says 76 million people were displaced within their countries in 2023


The Secret History of Israel's Role in Genocide in Colombia

Israeli flag-raising in major Canadian cities spurs outrage amid Gaza war

Drafter of Leahy law says it was never applied to Israel: ‘If a government doesn’t want to comply with the law, they shouldn’t receive U.S. assistance’

U.S. Army Officer Resigns From Defense Intelligence Agency Over Gaza Policy

Record Household Debt, Jump In Delinquencies Signal "Worsening Financial Distress", Fed Warns

Fed Chair Powell says inflation has been higher than thought

Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito Issue Warnings About State of USA




UN backs Palestine’s bid for membership: How did your country vote?
By Al Jazeera

Here is a breakdown of how each country voted in the UNGA.


US says Israel’s use of US arms likely violated international law, but evidence is incomplete

Putin has made it very clear they do not want to escalate to the nuclear level level but if we do they will respond, in which case we will all die


US contradictory report on Israeli arms: credibility vs. inconsistency
By Al Mayadeen

According to the US administration, the Israeli occupation has most likely violated international standards when it came to the protection of civilians in Gaza


Mark Milley throws US military under the bus for Israel
By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Funny how our four stars never mentioned American atrocities until they figured it would help their friends in the IDF.


Col. Douglas Macgregor : Do Israel + Ukraine = WWIII?
By Col. Douglas Macgregor:

Putin has made it very clear they do not want to escalate to the nuclear level level but if we do they will respond, in which case we will all die


The battle for Chasiv Yar : On the front lines with Ukrainian forces
By Francis Farrell

Here is a breakdown of how each country voted in the UNGA.




More Than 300,000 People Forced From Rafah, URWA Says

Another 80 Bodies Discovered in al-Shifa Hospital Mass Graves

Four IDF soldiers killed as battles rage across Gaza;

Israeli media: 10 Israeli soldiers committed suicide since Oct. 7

Israel orders new evacuations in Gaza’s last refuge of Rafah

Hamas 'reorganizes' in Gaza's north, battles invading army in Rafah

South Africa Asks ICJ to Order Israel’s Withdrawal from Rafah

South American country seeks ICC arrest warrant for Netanyahu

Australia may soon recognize Palestinian statehood

Australia's $59bln Cbus pension considers divesting from 'Israel

Netanyahu wants 'demilitarized, civilian' rule in Gaza with UAE, Saudi help

Israeli Spokesperson HUMILIATED: Literally Left Speechless

Turkiye says it killed 17 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq, Syria

ISIS attack in eastern Syria kills four SDF members


Chad’s military ruler declared winner of presidential election

S.Africa calls on ICJ to issue urgent order for Palestinian protection


Flash floods kill more than 300 people in northern Afghanistan


Russia says it has captured 5 villages in northeast Ukraine as more than 1,700 civilians flee

Kharkiv | The Russians Have Approached The First Line Of Defense | Military Summary

US precision arms in Kiev hit brick due to Russian electronic warfare: Precision systems see "shockingly decreased accuracy because of jamming."

Larry Johnson: Ukraine is Collapsing Badly and Quickly

Putin removes Shoigu as Russian Defense Minister

Europe must stop Russia if it goes 'too far' in Ukraine war: Macron

Ukraine using British weapons for terror attacks – Moscow

Poke the bear and find out: Here’s why the West should finally listen to Russia’s warnings

Baltic NATO Country Says It's Ready To Send Troops To Ukraine

EU agrees draft Ukraine security guarantees – Welt


General Strike Brings Argentina to Standstill

Fourth Indian arrested and charged in Canada over Sikh activist’s killing

America's Population Time Bomb: The impending demographic shift, in which older adults in the U.S. will outnumber children for the first time in history.

Campus Uprising: Hunger Strike at Princeton, Arrests at UPenn, Victory at Sacramento State

Justice Clarence Thomas decries Washington as ‘hideous’ and pushes back on ‘nastiness’ of critics




Protecting Israel Is Washington’s Number One Job
By Philip M. Giraldi

The United States was once a symbol of freedom and opportunity. Now it has become an international embarrassment.


'Are You Jewish?' the Israeli Soldier Asked the Journalist
By Gideon Levy

Russia announced a spontaneous drill of the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons:


Feeling Unsafe
By Kenn Orphan

I just watched a child’s last breath. Lying on a gurney, bloodied and terrified. And yet, I keep seeing people say they feel “unsafe” on university campuses.


The Nation’s Conscience
By Chris Hedges

The genocide has awakened a sleeping giant. Let us pray the giant prevails.


It's Not "Radical" to Oppose Genocide
By Bill Astore

It’s apparently “normal” to support mass murder, total destruction, and widespread starvation




The scenes of the Nakba are repeating’: Rafah in panic as Israeli invasion begins

Gaza’s seventh mass grave discovered at al-Shifa Hospital

Reports mount of mass graves at Gaza hospitals, some bodies found ‘without heads’

While IDF operates in Rafah, Hamas recovers elsewhere: Hamas is retaking sections left unattended and using guerilla warfare to fight back

UN accuses Israel of denying Gaza aid access as famine takes hold

I’m a rabbi who hoped to take food into Gaza. Instead, I was arrested.

Rafah's three remaining hospitals will run out of fuel in 3 days, says WHO

Is Egypt building a militia force to handle Rafah influx?

Human Rights Watch says Israel is ‘unlawfully’ killing Palestinians in occupied West Bank

David Cameron says UK will not withhold arms sales to Israel

Indian firms sell Israel weapons used in Gaza: Report

Israeli strike kills 4 civilians in southern Lebanon, state media says

Houthis Target Bulk Carrier and U.S. Destroyers in Red Sea

Israelis Forgot What It's Like to Have a Financial Crisis – but the Worst Is Yet to Come

Bahamas formally recognises Palestine as state

Slovenia to Recognize Palestinian State by mid-June

Irish college agrees to divest from Israeli firms following student protest

Turkiye renews supply of construction materials to Israel despite trade ban

Turkiye, Iraq, Qatar and UAE to develop Gulf to Europe rail corridor


Children were ‘piled up and shot’ during ethnic cleansing in Sudan’s Darfur

Sudan’s paramilitary RSF accused of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in West Darfur


The Islamic State group claims Afghanistan mosque bombing that killed 6 people

IS group claims bombing in Afghanistan that killed officers from anti-poppy campaign

Pakistani security forces kill 6 militants in twin raids in volatile northwest near Afghanistan


EU agrees €3B raid on Russian assets to buy weapons for Ukraine

NATO chief reiterates ‘no troops in Ukraine’ pledge

Ukraine moves to send convicts to the front line — minus the rapists and killers

Russia explains renewed focus on nuclear weapons

Victory Parade on Red Square: Speech by the President of Russia at the military parade

Watch: Russian military parade celebrates victory over Nazi Germany

China’s Xi receives ceremonial welcome in Hungary ahead of talks with Orbán

Inside Job? Ominous New Questions Surround Navalny’s Death


‘The stakes could not be higher’: world is on edge of climate abyss, UN warns


Fact or fiction? Trump wants to send ‘kill teams’ to Mexico – media

Trump and Republicans slam Biden over pledge to withhold weapons from Israel over Rafah

GOP senator calls for Biden’s impeachment over holdup on arms shipments to Israel

Republican candidate loses US House primary in victory for pro-Israel lobbyists

House blocks Greene’s resolution to oust Johnson

Princeton hunger-strikers met with the university president. Here's what happened

Top senators believe the US secretly recovered UFOs




The Destruction Of Gaza SHOULD Be Radicalizing People
By Caitlin Johnstone

When you see Israel rejecting a Hamas ceasefire, that should radicalize you.


Netanyahu Hoped Hamas Would Reject the Cease-fire Offer. When It Didn't, He Turned to Sabotage
By Yossi Verter

Israel's criminal defendant prime minister, is more focused on saving his incompetent far-right government than saving the prisoners.


Eating The Seed Corn - Intervention Threats And Responses
By Moon Of Alabama

Russia announced a spontaneous drill of the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons:


Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as President of Russia
Video and Transcript

Russia announced a spontaneous drill of the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons:


The Russia–Iran–China search for a new global security order
By Pepe Escobar

Blinken and his list of delusional US demands was welcomed in Beijing as little more than an annoying gnat.




At least 20 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Rafah

IOF announces two reserves troops killed in Hezbollah drone attack Monday

Israeli captive dies due to own forces' destruction of Gaza hospitals

Hostage families urge US, other countries to press Israel to reach deal with Hamas

Israeli bombs drop on Rafah as Gazans flee their homes

Israel bombs UNRWA building in Gaza Strip, claiming it was 'Hamas base'

US ‘unwilling’ to push Israel to halt Rafah invasion - experts

Hamas agrees to free just 18 hostages unless Israel ends the war, report

France joins China to condemn Israel’s attack plans, veering from US position

China-France Joint Statement on the Situation in the Middle East

UN access for aid to Gaza’s Rafah crossing ‘denied’ by Israel

UN commission accuses Israel of obstructing Oct. 7 probe

The US gives Israel $1.2B for giant laser beam weapon

European countries move towards recognition of the Palestinian state

Belgium calls for EU sanctions on imports from Israeli-occupied territories

US delaying major arms deliveries to Israel – WSJ

President Biden is delivering a report this week, which has the potential to cut off U.S. assistance to Israel.

Israel dropped US-made bombs on Lebanon killed 7 at medical center: Report

Human Rights Watch says Israel attack on Lebanon rescuers was unlawful

Israeli strike kills 4 civilians in southern Lebanon,

'Israel' loses billions in foreign exchange reserves

Iraqi Resistance group targets Israeli military base in Golan

Iraqi Resistance strikes the Leviathan gas platform in occupied territories using drones

US: Republican senators warn ICC prosecutor: Target Israel, and we will target you


Nigeria Gunmen Kill 25 in Raids on Northwest Villages

Niger receives new Russian military advisors, equipment


EU restates readiness to launch trade war with China over cheap imports

China-donated tents offer swift shelter for flood-hit Afghans

Activists in Bangladesh march through universities to demand end to Gaza war


Ukrainians Conducted A Daring Attack On Crimea | Military Summary

Russia warned Britain that if British weapons were used to strike Russian territory then Moscow could hit back at British military installations

Russia announces nuclear weapon drills after ‘provocative’ Western threats

Message to the West: What’s behind Russia’s tactical nuclear drills

West Backs Off After Nuclear Warning | NATO-Russia : Military Summary

Key takeaways from Putin’s inauguration

Ukraine arrests 2 rogue colonels over secret plot to murder Zelenskyy, Kyiv says

Ukraine claims it foiled Russian plot to assassinate President Zelenskyy

Russian luxury car brand takes over major Toyota plant


David McBride: commonwealth prosecutors seek jail sentence for Australian defence whistleblower

David McBride did the right thing. All Australians should demand Attorney General Mark Dreyfus do the right thing and let him go!


University Students in Mexico Launch Gaza Solidarity Encampment

After years in a Syrian ISIS camp, a 10-person American family is back in the U.S.

Drafter of Leahy law says it was never applied to Israel: ‘If a government doesn’t want to comply with the law, they shouldn’t receive U.S. assistance’

Ex-Israeli special forces agent says he went 'undercover' at UCLA protest encampment

Why Pro-Israel Groups Are Targeting An Indiana Republican: Pro-Israel groups accuse him of antisemitism.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: The War Parties and the November Election

'Absurd!': US Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate Than Working Class for First Time

TikTok and China’s ByteDance sue to block US law seeking sale or ban of app

Stormy Daniels 'spanked' pajama-clad Donald Trump

Veteran analysts say the world's biggest private-equity firm could be in big trouble




Copy of Mediated Palestinian-Israeli Deal
By Al Mayadeen English

Othe agreement aims to achieve the release of all Israeli civilian and military captives, be they dead or alive,


Let Israel's Leaders Get Arrested for War Crimes
By Gideon Levy

How should the culprits be punished? Who can punish them?


The Enemy Is Among Us?
By Philip Giraldi

Anti-genocide groups are being targeted by media and government.


Ukraine is preparing for peace talks with Russia
By James Rothwell

There is “no way to win on the battlefield alone”, Kyiv’s deputy spy chief has said.




US-supported Israeli army kills five Palestinians in attack on occupied West Bank

Israel Establishes Rafah Military Command, Palestinian Resistance Just Bombed It

US Marines official: Nearly half of drones IDF shoots down are its own

Israelis rally to demand Gaza ceasefire and PM Netanyahu's resignation

'Mom, I can no longer be in the army': Female IDF soldiers reveal hellish recruitment process

Witness to Israel's 'colonial genocide' barred from entering EU

Palestinian Authority officials oppose release of Marwan Barghouti, source says

Israeli attack on southern Lebanese town kills four family members

Iran frees crew of Israeli-owned vessel, keeps ship

Iran Plans to Begin Construction of Darkhovin Nuclear Reactor This Fall

Saudi Arabia 'detains people for anti-Israel social media posts'

Bahraini-based resistance group claims responsibility for drone attack on Israel port

Houthis threaten to target Israel-bound ships in the Mediterranean

Syrian forces kill dozens of ISIS militants near illegal US occupation base

Russian Aerospace Forces Destroy 2 Bases of Al-Tanf Militants in Syria's Homs

Qatar is Likely to Shut Down Hamas Office in Doha – Why and Why Now


Bomb attacks in Congo kill at least 12 people including children

M23 Rebels Take More Territory From Govt in East DR Congo

Almost 90 migrants, including women and children, rescued off Libyan coast

People eating ‘grass and peanut shells’ in Darfur, UN says,

Russian, US forces deployed in same military base in Niger


Pro-Palestine student protests spread to Japan


Russian army executed at least 15 surrendering Ukrainian soldiers since December, HRW report says

Drone footage shows Ukrainian village battered to ruins as residents flee Russian advance

Watch: French Troops Were Hit In Sloviansk. Another Destroyed Abrams. Military Summary 2024.5.5

Russia's Gazprom records first annual loss in 25 years

Boots on the Ground? French Foreign Legion Dispatched to Ukraine, Ex-DoD Official Claims

Cameron statement on UK arms for Ukraine 'dangerous', Kremlin says

US Pushing G-7 To Accept Long-Term $50 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine

Russia puts Ukraine's Zelenskyy, NATO officials in its wanted list

Türkiye ranks fourth in European investment in 2023

Alarming’ number of lone children held in UK-run facilities in France

Catastrophic Tory election results show the writing is on the wall for Sunak

Sadiq Khan wins historic third term as London mayor


Argentina’s Javier Milei slams Spain’s Pedro Sánchez after minister’s drug use jibe

Saudi activists unite in US to discuss ending kingdom's autocracy

DOJ Admits To Evidence Tampering In Trump Classified Docs Case

Trump in blowout territory, leads Biden by 10-12 points

Trump says Biden is running a ‘Gestapo’ administration. It’s his latest reference to Nazi Germany

38 per cent of Americans believe US doing too much to support Israel

Probe shows Israel sympathizers sparked UCLA violence

Northrop Gets $7B Deal to Modernize US Air Force’s B-2 Stealth Bomber

Watch: Senator Eviscerates Biden Official Over "Dark Money Meetings"



US-supported Israel has killed 34,568 people in Gaza since October 7th

How US violates its own Leahy Law to ensure military support for Israel

Half of Holocaust survivors unable to afford food, medicine

Netanyahu: ICC warrants would be unprecedented antisemitism

Trump doesn't rule out ending aid to Israel to halt war on Gaza

Austin disputes Biden's claim of ‘no boots on the ground‘ in Gaza

Colombia to break diplomatic relations with Israel, President Petro says

Türkiye to Join South Africa’s Case Against Israel at ICJ

Turkiye Halted All Trade Activities with Israel over Gaza Genocide – Report

What a load of bull: Netanyahu: ICC arrest warrants would be antisemitic hate crime, distortion of justice

Netanyahu 'asked' families of Hamas captives to lobby ICC on his behalf

US lawmakers threaten retaliation against UN court over potential Israel arrest warrants

‘Absurd Position’ – Russia Slams US Hypocrisy over ICC, Israel

Gaza Contains More War Debris than Ukraine: UN

Watch: Tucker Carlson releases interview with Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin


Washington Moves On to Plan B
By Mike Whitney

Here’s what everyone needs to understand about Ukraine:


BRIC-o-rama: on the road in Brazil, with an eye on Russia-China
By Pepe Escobar

“The inglorious period of Western civilization will be brought to an end this year"


Universities as Tentacles of the Police State
By Michael Hudson

“Have you no sense of decency?”


The ‘Antisemitism’ Moral Panic Has Officially Jumped The Shark
By Caitlin Johnstone

“antisemitism” includes charging Israeli war criminals for extensively documented war crimes.


US House passes controversial bill that expands definition of anti-Semitism
By Al Jazeera

If the bill were to become law, it would codify a definition of anti-Semitism created by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance


The Israel-US game plan for Gaza is staring us in the face
By Jonathan Cook

One does not need to be a fortune-teller to understand that the Israel-US game plan for Gaza runs something like this:



Estimated 10,000 Palestinians buried under rubble, civil defence says

Gaza genocide: 5% of Gaza population killed or injured as of April 12

US finds five Israeli military units guilty of 'gross human rights violations'

Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah ‘with or without a deal’

Not Worth Saving Captives – Israeli Minister Sparks Criticism Rejecting Deal with Hamas

How Israel relies on foreign fighters to carry out its war crimes

Hamas Insists Gaza Ceasefire Must Be Permanent to End Hostilities

IDF chief tours Lebanese border, says military preparing for an offensive

Houthis Shock U.S.-Led West With Terrifying Long-Range Strike On Israel-Linked Ship In Arabian Sea

Yemen's Houthi rebels claim downing US Reaper drone, release footage showing wreckage of aircraft

How Britain protects 'Israel' from war crimes charges: Declassified UK

Which is worse, Israel’s lies about Gaza or its western backers who repeat those lies? Useful idiots keep parroting provably false Israeli talking point

UK universities warned of criminal liability over Israeli arms ties

Pressure growing on Norway's wealth fund over Israeli investments

ICJ allows Nicaragua case against Germany to proceed

US and Saudi close to agreeing ‘plan B’ defence pact without Israel deal

UNSC postpones Sudan complaint against UAE per UK request

Amid Modi's escalating anti-Muslim rhetoric, why is the world so quiet?

Americans increasingly view China as an enemy, Pew survey shows

Russian missile attack on Odesa kills 3, injures 3

Ukrainian armed forces have suffered up to 920 military casualties in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) in the past 24 hours

450 Arab and foreign extremists from Idlib arrive in Ukraine

Colombia severs ties with 'genocidal' Israel

Why are billionaires scared of Brazil’s plan to hit them with a global tax? Because it makes perfect sense

Videos show violence of mob attack on UCLA anti-war protesters

Gaetz dubs House antisemitism bill a ‘ridiculous hate speech bill’

Biden considers accepting Palestinian refugees

Hundreds arrested after police raid Gaza solidarity camps in New York City

'False pretext' used by US police to target students opposing Israeli war

Violence at UCLA as pro-Israel protesters attack pro-Palestine camp

Washington U. prof. hospitalized after police brutality amid protests

'Time to worry about Gaza, not American college campuses': US Senator

Iran, Offers Scholarships for Students Expelled for Protesting Gaza War

Brown becomes first US university to consider divesting from Israel

Majorie Taylor Greene is planning a vote next week to oust Speaker Johnson

US can't build its own LNG carrier ships: Navy Secretary



US-supported Israel has killed 34,535 people in Gaza since Ocrober 7th

Israel, US said working to prevent ICC arrest warrant against Netanyahu

US working to prevent ICC arrest warrant for Netanyahu: Reports

Caitlin Johnstone: Israel Is Turning Hospitals Into Mass Graves While The West Fixates On ‘Antisemitism’

An Israeli invasion of Rafah would mean a new Nakba: Abbas

Hamas-Fatah meeting in China included talks for temporary government

Security deal ready for Saudi if it normalises ties with Israel: Blinken

Watch: Chinese Diplomat Lectures Dick Cheney on Politics

China May Be Preparing To Deploy Economic 'Nuclear Option'

Putin likely didn’t order death of Russian opposition leader Navalny, US official says

Larry Johnson Briefing of the UNSC: Deciphering the Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage.


Some US officials say in US Internal memo: Israel may be violating international law in Gaza
By MEE and agencies

Joint submission from four bureaus said Israel's assurances over actions in Gaza were 'neither credible nor reliable'


Opposing The Gaza Genocide While Supporting Biden Is A Dishonest.
By Caitlin Johnstone

It’s like saying “Sure my husband’s a serial killer, but he’s great with the kids.”


Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: US As Guilty As Israel For Gaza Assault:
Must Watch - By Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

Joint submission from four bureaus said Israel's assurances over actions in Gaza were 'neither credible nor reliable'


Sermon for Gaza
By Chris Hedges

The great common people of this country are slaves, and monopoly is the master.”



Another Mass Grave Discovered At Hospital In Gaza's Khan Younis, With Nearly 200 Bodies

Israel kills at least 30 Palestinians in Rafah air strikes

Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinia man by throwing him off a roof

Israel ‘undoubtedly’ committing genocide says Holocaust scholar Amos Goldberg

Watch: America's Support for Israel is one big scam

Al-Shifa, Nasser hospital staff questioned by ICC prosecutors: Report

Israeli officials eye threat of ICC arrest warrants over war in Gaza

ICC can't act against Israel without US backing — Israeli official: Why is he quiet while Israel will potentially be thrown under the bus?”

Israeli FM urges embassies to bolster security amid ICC arrest warrant concerns

US determines 5 Israeli security units committed human rights violations

U.S. won't sanction IDF units over 'gross human rights violations' - report

UK blocks legal inquiries into 'Israel's' violations of int'l law

Exclusive: US military's pier in Gaza to cost $320 million: "This dangerous effort with marginal benefit will now cost the American taxpayers at least $320 million to operate the pier for only 90 days."

Gaza 'freedom flotilla' blocked in Turkey: Guinea-Bissau withdrew its flagged vessels after Israeli pressure

Craig Murray: The Curious Case of the Freedom Flotilla

Smotrich to PM: 'If Rafah op is canceled, govt under you won't have right to exist'

ISIS kills 4 Syrian army soldiers in Al-Raqqah desert

PKK/YPG kill two civilians in northern Syria

US beefs up illegal occupation in Syria’s north

Yemen: container ship reportedly targeted with missiles

Houthi Rebels Chilling Israel Warning To Saudi

5 are killed in a bomb attack in northern Kenya near the Somalia border

US approval rating in Africa plummets as Russia, China rise: Poll

14 mercenaries killed, 8 injured in Russian strike: Source

UNSC postpones Sudan complaint against UAE per UK request

Attack on a police checkpoint in Russia’s North Caucasus leaves 2 police, 5 gunmen dead

Interfax says Russian forces capture village in Donetsk

Ukrainian Troops Retreat from East as Russia Escalates Attacks

Ukraine’s military chief warns of deteriorating situation on frontline

United States allocates largest military aid package to Ukraine worth 6 billion dollars

US to Buy $1.6B in Ukrainian-Made Weapons for Ukraine

Russian court has ordered the seizure of $440 million from JPMorgan.

In unannounced visit to Kyiv, NATO chief vows to increase arms flows

UAE, Ukraine announce ‘historic‘ trade deal

Humza Yousaf quits as Scotland's first minister in boost to Labour’s chances in UK vote

Spain’s Prime Minister Sánchez says he’ll continue in office after days of reflection

Ireland Plans to Declare UK Safe Place to Return Asylum-Seekers

U. S. Plan to To Seize Lithium in Bolivia Revealed

Argentine Transport Workers Announce Strike Against Milei

US Coast Guard Ship Arrives in Argentina

Attorneys inside and outside the administration urge Biden to cut off arms to Israel

Democrats fume at Mike Johnson over antisemitism vote

Over 900 arrested at anti-war protests in US universities since April 18

Watch: AIPAC has taken over America

The REAL Lobby Behind American’s Unwavering Support For Israel

TikTok ban: How US civil liberties are under attack

Trump held in contempt for violating gag order



Netanyahu's Arrest Imminent?
By Zain Khalil

The International Criminal Court is considering issuing international arrest warrants against Netanyahu and other senior officials for committing “war crimes”


Naomi Klein: Zionism is a false idol that betrayed every Jewish value
By Naomi Klein

Our people are worshipping a false idol once again. They are enraptured by it. Drunk on it. Profaned by it.


Revolt in the Universities
By Chris Hedges

They have allowed the abusers — the Zionist state and its supporters — to paint themselves as victims.


'First Rafah, Then Hezbollah, Then Iran': Israel's Government Plans for More War
By Ravit Hecht

This government has a busy schedule of wars planned for us, even though the worst disaster in Israel's history occurred on its watch


Ignorance, Its Uses and Nurture
By Fred Reed

Democracy is flawed due to widespread public ignorance about international and national affairs.



Watch: How Gaza’s children are preparing for Israel’s invasion of Rafah

Palestinian baby rescued from dead mother’s womb dies in Gaza hospital

South Africa calls for investigation into Gaza hospitals mass graves

Evidence of torture as nearly 400 bodies found in Gaza mass graves

No Outside Probe, US Reiterates as Gazans Reportedly Buried Alive in Mass Grave

Biden refuses to sanction Israeli units behind 'gross' war crimes

ICC considering issuing war crimes arrest warrants for Netanyahu, others

Israel council discusses avoiding ICC arrest warrants against Netanyahu, Gallant, Halevi

EU urges donors to fund UNRWA again after review

Australia's former foreign minister says the Israeli lobby controls our government.

French university students protest against Israeli aggression on Gaza

If Occupation Ends, We Will Not Need Armed Resistance – Top Hamas Official

Why Israel is expanding the Gaza war to the West Bank refugee camps

'He will be the destroyer of the country,' Former friend Netanyahu

Israeli pressure delayed Freedom Flotilla’s departure for Gaza: Organisers

Watch: Furious George Galloway leaves junior minister speechless on Israel hypocrisy

Yemeni forces strike Israeli ship, Port of Eilat in solidarity with Gaza

China: repeated Israeli attacks on Syria violate its sovereignty and territorial integrity

China describes Iran as ‘strategic partner' in West Asia

Iran, China discuss military cooperation; Beijing backs Tehran's 'legitimate' strikes against Israel

Burkina Faso soldiers massacred 223 civilians in one day, finds rights group

US Army Special Forces personnel to withdraw from Chad this weekend

UN peacekeepers close base in preparation to leave DR Congo

US approval rating in Africa plummets as Russia, China rise: Poll

China warns of US plans to deploy ballistic missiles in Asia-Pacific

US has seen evidence of attempts by China to influence election, says Blinken

NATO: China must stop helping Russia if it wants good relations with the West

Berdychi, Semenivka Have Fallen. Krasnohorivka Was Cut In Two.Military Summary 2024.4.26

Poland and Lithuania pledge to help Kyiv repatriate Ukrainians subject to military draft

PTSD crisis looms as troop shortages take toll on Ukrainian soldiers’ mental health

Kiev withdraws US-made Abrams after tank loses to Russian drones: AP

Ukraine agriculture minister detained in multimillion-dollar corruption inquiry

Ukraine agriculture minister released on bail in $7m corruption case

Douglas Macgregor Exposes: Zaluzhnyi’s Arrest and the Dark Politics of Ukraine’s War Strategy

France, Germany push on with 2040 joint tank project

US, France to Send Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers to Souda Base in Greece - Reports

New Haiti government sworn in during secret ceremony

ALBA Is a Counterweight to NATO in LATAM, Bolivia & Russia Say

Guatemala raids Save the Children HQ for 'child trafficking' probe

Eighty-Six Percent of Guantanamo Bay Inmates Were Sold to American Troops in Response to $5,000 Bounty Offer

Boston police arrest 100 as crackdown on campus Palestine protests ramps up

Violent Arrest of Emory Professor Spotlights Brutality of Police Crackdown on Campus Protests

Holocaust Survivor Message to US Campus Protesters: "Thank you for being brave and on the right side of history."

Senior Democrat calls for arrests of ‘leftwing fascists’ urging Gaza ceasefire

Watch: Netanyahu condemns U.S. college protests: “Antisemitic mobs have taken over leading universities,” claiming, “they say not only death to Israel, death to the Jews, but death to America.”

Watch: Bernie Sanders fires back at Netanyahu's antisemitism comment

Trump: College protests are a ‘disgrace’ and all ‘Biden’s fault’

Texas Gov. Abbott faces backlash after mass arrest at UT Austin pro-Palestine protest

AIPAC is spending $200-300 million a year TO BUY American politicians!

TikTok Ban EXPLAINED: Here are some statistics for you:

ByteDance would shut down TikTok in US rather than sell it, sources say

Ex-National Enquirer publisher testifies he bought McDougal story so it did not ‘hurt Trump campaign’

Trump plans to sanction countries for refusing to use dollar – Bloomberg

Biden approval rating mired at historic low: Gallup

Federal lobbyists raked in $4.3 billion last year

Harvey Weinstein: New York court overturns 2020 rape conviction



'Blood on Their Hands': 79 US Senators Approve Billions More in Military Aid for Israel
By Jake Johnson

“The U.S. government is arming a regime creating mass graves in Gaza, indeed turning all of Gaza into a mass graveyard,”


We Defeated Israel in 60 Minutes’ – Abu Obeida’s Speech on 200th Day of War
By Military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades

The latest statements by the Al-Quds Brigades and the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah.


Is It Game, Set, Match to Moscow?
By Douglas Macgregor

Limitless American resources are a fallacy, necessitating sober analysis and realistic leadership.


Final Nail in America’s Coffin?
By Ron Paul

The US and its allies have already sent over $300 billion to Ukraine and the country is still losing its war with Russia.


The Trump-Biden Rematch Is a Stunning Image of the Decline and Fall of the USA
By Tom Engelhardt

This country is threatening, like the USSR in 1991, to come apart at the seams.



Israeli strikes on Rafah kill 18

In pictures: Thousands of tents set up in central Gaza as Israel prepares to enter Rafah

Rafah evacuations not 'possible' under current conditions: Red Cross

Satellite images show Israeli forces gathered for Gaza escalation

Amnesty International: “Israel” commits war crimes in Gaza with US weapons

West Bank Pogrom 'Underscores Urgent Need to Dismantle Apartheid': Amnesty

Palestinian American Family Grieves Loss of Over 100 Relatives Killed in Gaza

Mass graves in Gaza show victims’ hands were tied, says UN rights office

Germany to Resume UNRWA Funding Following Review

Jamaica recognizes Palestinian state: Jamaica has become the 140th UN member state to recognize an official Palestinian state

Britain blocked legal assessments over whether Israel has breached International Humanitarian Law

Billionaire Jeff Yass linked to $16m in donations to anti-Muslim and pro-Israel groups: The TikTok investor is also linked to funding challenges to progressive politicians

Silenced Screams: Untold Stories of the Brutal Israeli Invasion of Nur Shams (PHOTOS)

Gaza destroyed by 'Israel' more than German cities in WWII: Borrell

Leaked Cables Show White House Opposes Palestinian Statehood

'End this nightmare or quit': Israeli captive lambasts Netanyahu

Berlin bans protesters from singing in Irish and Hebrew at pro-Palestine rally

When Namibia Stands Up to Germany: Why the Global South is Rising for Palestine

IDF strikes 40 Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, following shelling on Avivim

Iran hosts North Korean delegation

Yankee go home! US calls on Iraq to safeguard US troops after new attacks

At least 21 migrants dead after boat capsizes off coast of Djibouti

Sudan had largest number of people facing extreme food shortages in 2023, UN report shows

Chad Asks US to Cease Operations at Strategic Army Base

Pakistan under risk of sanctions over trade deal with Iran: Washington

China shows off nuclear might ahead of top US diplomat Antony Blinken’s visit

Fighting rages at Myanmar’s border with Thailand as rebels target junta troops

US Navy to Turn Pacific Oil Rigs Into Mobile Military Bases to Counter China

Ukraine Has Lost Almost Half Million Soldiers : - Shoigu

Ukraine uses long-range ATACMS against Russia for the first time

U.S. Secretly Shipped New Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

Pentagon details massive new shipment of military supplies to Ukraine

Russia's Belgorod Region Says 120 Civilians Killed by Ukraine Strikes Since 2022

Rishi Sunak promises UK’s largest ever military support package for Ukraine

Russia Warns Europe: if You Take Our Assets, We Have a Response That Will Hurt

NATO Maneuvers Near Russian Borders Raise Risks of Possible Military Incidents - Zakharova

Ukraine’s agriculture minister suspected of corrupt land grab

Parallel economy: How Russia is defying the West's boycott

UK passes contentious bill to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Human rights groups condemn Rwanda Bill as ‘breach of international law’

UK accused by Amnesty of ‘deliberately destabilising’ human rights globally

Three men arrested after five people die in Channel boat crossing

Austerity in the EU: How European bureaucrats serve America’s economic interests

Massive protests in Argentina slam Milei’s education cuts

Haiti situation 'catastrophic' and growing worse, UN warns

How each US senator voted on the $95 billion foreign aid package

Biden Is on Board for Ethnic Cleansing : Organizing Aid to Gaza Led Me to a Harsh Truth:

51% of Americans Unhappy With Congress Voting $61bn to Ukraine - Reports

America is hungrier under Joe Biden with 17 million households now struggling to afford food due to inflation

Comparing Food Insecurity Among the U.S. Military and Civilian Adult Populations: Studies of individual military installations have demonstrated food insecurity rates between 15 percent and 33 percent

Over 1,400 academics boycotting Columbia over student arrests

US renews controversial foreign intelligence surveillance law

Trump to receive bonus worth $1.2bn for Trump Media stock performance

US Senate passes bill to force sale of TikTok, sending it to Biden

Biden Pulls Ahead in Small-Dollar Fundraising

Kennedy family endorses Biden in rebuke to RFK Jr.

The US military is embedding its officers in corporate America: Report exposes a largely unknown fellowship that gives major arms companies outsized influence in defense policy



US-supported Israel has killled 34,151 people in Gaza since October 7th last

Let the genocide continue: House passes Israel cash, sending $26.3 billion in assistance to Israel

US military aid to Israel 'green light' for Gaza 'aggression', says Hamas

Watch: US Speaker Mike Johnson says America is helping Israel fight a holy war

Phil Giraldi: War In An Ocean of Lies

Joseph Massad: Why Israel's savagery is a sign of its impending defeat

Independent report does not find UN’s Palestinian agency is compromised by outside groups

US Senator assumes long-range ATACMS missiles might be sent to Ukraine by end of next week

US weighs sending additional military advisers to Ukraine as Russia gains momentum

Scott Ritter: Ukraine is Heading Towards TOTAL COLLAPSE

Global military spending soars to new record highs

Senate Passes Spying Bill, Rejecting Privacy Concerns

CIA director refuses to provide information on Spanish company’s espionage of Julian Assange


'Obvious Evidence of Genocide': Mass Grave Discovered in Gaza's Nasser Hospital
By Olivia Rosane

Palestinian rescue workers found hundreds of bodies, some with their hands bound and others with their skin, organs, or heads removed.


Israel's right-wing can never seem to get enough death and destruction
By Gideon Levy

Their desire for bloodshed and conflict extends beyond practical considerations, bordering on fanaticism.


The Immense Hunger
By Edward J. Curtin, Jr.

What is this demonic force that drives some human animals to oppress others?


Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel
By Mike Whitney

America last. America last. That’s all this is. America last, every single day.


'Put Those Damn Flags Away!'

Did it warm your heart to see all those blue and yellow Ukrainian flags waved by our elected officials in Congress Saturday night


ATACMS, What exactly does the voted US aid mean for Ukraine
By Obozrevatel

The US President is obliged to provide Ukraine with ATACMS long-range missiles.


'Russia warns of direct clash with West over Ukraine military support
By Al Mayadeen

We see serious strategic risks in this, leading to an increase in the level of nuclear danger."



Israeli strikes on Rafah kill 22, mostly children, as US advances aid package

283 bodies recovered from Israeli-made mass grave in Nasser Hospital

Gaza Civil Defense says 2,000 Palestinians missing after Israeli troops withdrawal

Gaza civilians voice out their chilling encounters with Israeli torture: UNRWA

Joseph Massad: Why Israel's savagery is a sign of its impending defeat

Israeli forces kill 14 Palestinians in days-long refugee camp assault

Biden 'considering more than $1billion in new weapons deals for Israel

Deadly settler attacks sweep the West Bank as Israel's army looks on

U.S. expected to sanction IDF unit for human rights violations in West Bank

Israeli PM Netanyahu says he will fight any sanctions on army battalions

US senator recommends ripping skin off Gaza protesters

Ben Gvir says sanctioning IDF troops ‘a red line’; Smotrich: ‘Complete madness’

U.S. no longer tolerant of alleged IDF human rights violations: Law requires suspension of military aid to foreign force found in violation,

Watch: Thousands of Israeli quatters call for Netanyahu’s removal

Ireland, Spain to call for review of EU trade ties deal with ‘Israel'

New Freedom Flotilla to set sail for Gaza in defiance of Israel's naval blockade

Rockets Fired From Iraq at illegal, US-Led Base in Syria

Syria and Russia Launch Joint Military Operations Against IS

US and UK are complicit in torture-ridden Syrian Democratic Forces camps

US occupation continues plundering Syrian oil

Assad says Syria has held ‘meetings’ with US on possibly mending ties with West

Benjamin Netanyahu is Pushing for War with Iran: Washington must not take the bait.

Iran’s FM dismisses reported strike by Israel as ‘at the level of toys our children use’

Iran Disputes Reports Of First Delivery Of Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets

Iran, Pakistan sign 8 MoUs, documents to push trade to $10bln

Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline powerplay

UN warns 800,000 people in Sudan city in 'extreme, immediate danger'

Sudan war fuelled by weapons from foreign actors in violation of sanctions - UN

US agrees to withdraw troops from Niger amid Sahel region’s pivot to Russia

‘Jihadists’ Kidnapped Over 110 Civilians in Mali: Sources

2 killed as Russia claims to have shot down 50 Ukrainian drones targeting country's power stations,

US House approves $61bn in military aid for Ukraine after months of stalling

Hungary rejects EU plan to give states $2.1 billion for Ukraine

Kyiv Warns Situation on Front Will Worsen in May

Ukraine support could go beyond arms supplies: French army chief

EU close to deal on using Russian assets for Ukraine – Belgium

Russia, China reach near complete de-dollarization in bilateral trade

Ukraine to Receive IRIS-T Air Defense System in Weeks: Diehl CEO

Russia Receives New Batch of Su-35S Fighter Jets

Poland ‘Ready’ to Host Nuclear Weapons: President

Russia to Increase Its Security if Poland Hosts Nuclear Weapons

Argentina seeks NATO partner status as Milei aims to boost ties with West

US Reimposes Illegal and Inhumane Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: The New York Times Runs Cover

Ecuadorians Back President Noboa’s Security Plan Tackling Organized Crime

“Enormous Expansion of the Law”: James Bamford on FISA Extension, U.S.-Israel Data Sharing

"We live in a secret kleptocracy." : Watch: Man who set himself on fire outside the courthouse of the Donald Trump trial

House Approves $95B in Foreign Military Funding, Incl. Another $26B for Israel

Poverty in the United States could reach highest level in over 50 years

Watch: Congressman revealed that “The US Air Force pays $90,000 for a package of bushings that normally costs well under $100”.

America's, IQs begin to fall for first time ever

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US-supported Israel has killed 34,049 people ; wounded 76,901 since October 7th

‘Do Something’ – UNICEF Says Children Killed in Gaza Surpasses 14,000

US to expand flow of arms to Israel

U.S. vetoes Palestinian bid for full UN membership

Watch: US Vetoes Palestine UN Membership as Russia Walks Out

Hamas considers alternatives due to failure of ceasefire negotiations

Israel Strikes in Iran, Drones Reportedly Hit Military Target Near Isfahan

Iran: Situation normal after air defenses fire at 'suspicious objects' in Iran

Iran destroys several micro air vehicles over Isfahan

Blinken says US 'not involved' in Israel's strike on Iran

G7 foreign ministers: Iran should be held accountable for 'malicious and destabilizing actions'

Iran says next response to Zionist regime to be immediate, harsh

Tehran plays down reported Israeli attacks, signals no retaliation

US House to vote on long-delayed foreign aid bills – including Ukraine support



Biden mulls over $1 billion in new arms sales to 'Israel'
By Al Mayadeen

The Biden administration is considering over $1 billion in new weapons contracts for "Israel," including tank ammunition, military vehicles, and mortar rounds.


Can one demand ‘restraint’ while funding Israel?
By Belén Fernández

Biden is calling for ‘de-escalation’ in the Iran-Israel showdown while hurling money at the most unrestrained actor in the equation.


Will the ICC Issue Arrest Warrants for Israeli Officials and Why?
By Robert Inlakesh

Tel Aviv reportedly believes the arrest warrants could be announced imminently and according to Israeli media reports


In Service of Western Supremacy – Why Germany Provides Unwavering Support to Israel
By Robert Inlakesh

Germany's strong support for Israel, despite historical guilt for the Holocaust, may not be solely motivated by remorse.


'Israel' has just handed Iran a major victory: The Telegraph
By Al Mayadeen

The Israeli attack on Iran backfired, reinforcing Iran's determination.


Dozens killed in Israeli assault on central Gaza refugee camp

 Israeli attacks on Gaza’s Rafah city killed at least nine people, including six children.

Israel using Meta's WhatsApp to kill Palestinians in Gaza through AI system

Israeli minister Ben Gvir calls for execution of Palestinian prisoners to ease overcrowding

US backs Israeli plans for Rafah in exchange for ‘soft response’ to Iran: Report

Blinken ignoring department proposal to cut aid to 'Israel' : Report

US policy is leading to a wider war: Jeffrey Sachs on Middle East tensions

Hamas 'still winning' after 6 months: Newsweek

Gazans Who Are Israeli Citizens Don't Have a Country to Save Them From Hell

These Are the Outposts the Israeli Army Is Building in the Heart of Gaza

Palestinian killed by Israeli army gunfire in occupied West Bank

Why Israelis Don't Flinch When Squatters Kill Palestinians

ICC considering issuing war crimes arrest warrants for Netanyahu, others - JPost

Simultaneous Attacks Reported on Towns in Iran, Iraq and Syria

Satellite Image Shows Damage From Iranian Ballistic Missile Strike on Israeli Air Base

Iraq condemns Isfahan attack, says must not divert attention from Gaza

Iraqi Resistance launches drone attack against Eilat port

Israeli minister suggests reported attack on Iran was ’feeble

Musk : US tax dollars were used to help West Jerusalem target Iran's , airbase.

What we know so far about drone attack on Iran

Iran warns it may change nuclear weapons stance in face of Israel, US announces sanctions

Australians urged to leave Israel,

Russia: United States veto of Palestine’s UN membership demonstrated what they really think of Palestinian

Barbados officially recognizes Palestine as a state

Erdogan’s trade embargo on Israel is entirely self-serving

Israel downgraded by another rating agency  

Lebanon: Hezbollah Says 2 Fighters Killed In Israeli Attacks

Lebanon says Israeli agents likely killed Hezbollah-linked currency exchanger near Beirut

Syria: At least 20 fighters killed: Palestinian armed group supporting the Syrian army

Syria calls on international community and UN to condemn Israeli aggressions on its territories

US occupation forces steals new quantities of Syrian oil 

China exceeds Q1 GDP expectations amid growth

G7 countries slam Chinese firms’ support for Russia’s defence industry

Pro-China PM retains his seat in Solomon Islands election 

Zelensky On The Run | Massive Missile Strike. Military Summary 

Somalia Kills Nine Suspected Al Shabaab Members

World donors pledge $2.1 billion in aid for war-stricken Sudan to ward off famine

Paris slams expulsion of diplomats from Burkina Faso

Russian exports to Africa has is outperforming Moscow’s trading partners from North and South America

Kenya’s military chief among 10 people killed in helicopter crash

Armenia and Azerbaijan agree on ‘historic’ return of villages

Database Exposes 'Illicit Network Undermining Democracy Around the World'

ALBA-TCP Rejects Reactivation of US Sanctions Against Venezuela

No sanctions will be able to defeat Venezuela: Maduro

US deports 50 migrants to violence-gripped Haiti

Leaked Cables Show Biden Pressuring Nations to Oppose Palestine's UN Membership

Over 100 pro-Palestine protesters arrested at US university

Politico: 34% of US voters say Biden should be tougher on 'Israel'

Man reportedly sets himself on fire outside of Trump’s New York trial

Man Who Self-Immolated Near Trump Trial Was Anti-Fascist, Warned Of "World Coup" And Wanted To Start "F*cking Revolution"

Behind the IMF's warning to Biden and Congress on deficit spending

Privacy Defenders Decry 'Spy Draft' in Section 702 Renewal Advanced by Senate

US Domestic Bank Deposits Drop For Second Straight Week




The Gaza genocide as explicit policy: Michael Hudson names all names
By Pepe Escobar

Israel, Gaza and West Bank should be seen as an opening of the New Cold War. A plan for basically how to financialize genocide and destruction.


Facing Hamas and Tehran, Israel Is Left With Only Vengeful Madness
By Zvi Bar'el

Without a strategy, revenge is a tempting alternative. Without it, Israel will lose deterrence, not to mention its honor at home and in the community of nations.


Israel’s Latest Lie Is That It Has ‘No Choice’ But To Attack Iran
By Caitlin Johnstone

Israel's actions reveal the influence of a global empire driven by bloodshed.


Iran's Attack on Israel Stoked Netanyahu's Evangelical Allies' Appetite for the Apocalypse
By Noa Landau

Pastor John Hagee, explained to his followers that the Iranian attack proved that "prophetically, we are on the verge of the Gog and Magog war that Ezekiel described in chapters 38 and 39."


Resisting the 'Ecstasy of War': Gaza Through the Eyes of Religious, Left-wing Israeli Soldiers
By David Issacharoff

How can we maintain our image as Jews, who want to be ethical in the battlefield, when we are ordered otherwise?


NATO is losing the proxy war against Russia, so expect surge in false-flag terrorism – John Kiriakou
By Finian Cunningham

The NATO-backed regime in Ukraine faces defeat, prompting desperate measures by Western powers to justify an escalation in the war.


It is time for a democratic world order
By Muhannad Ayyash

People from around the world, can begin to build a real democratic world order that is no longer under the thumb of one superpower.



Israel has killed more than 10,000 women in Gaza since October: UN

Palestinian paramedics said Israel gave them safe passage to save a 6-year-old girl in Gaza. They were all killed.

Palestinian girl shot in mother's arms as they attempted to return to home in northern Gaza

Israeli squatters kill two Palestinians in West Bank

UN appeals for $2.8 bln for Gaza, West Bank aid

Gaza detainees 'urinated on, made to act like animals' by Israeli forces, Unrwa says

Israeli drones lure Palestinians with crying children recordings then shoot them

Over 350 humanitarian sites and aid convoys hit in Gaza since 7 October

I resigned from World Central Kitchen because it refused to tell the truth about the Israeli genocide in Gaza

Israel still imposing 'unlawful' restrictions on Gaza aid, UN rights office says

Biden draws 'red line' for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: No Israeli attack on Rafah

Israel reportedly deploys extra weapons for assumed Rafah genocide

Qatar re-evaluating its Israel-Hamas mediation role — PM

Israel has sped up squatter housing in East Jerusalem since war on Gaza began

US responds to Palestine’s UN membership bid: Becoming a full member will not guarantee statehood, according to Washington’s envoy

Leaked NYT Gaza Memo Tells Journalists to Avoid Words “Genocide,” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and “Occupied Territory”

IDF says it killed Hezbollah commander in a strike

Hezbollah launches missiles and drones at northern Israel, wounding 14 Israeli soldiers

Erdogan to host talks with Hamas leader in Istanbul

Erdogan likens Hamas to Turkish independence fighters

Turkey records staggering $25.25 bln 2023 balance sheet losses

UK’s Cameron says it’s clear Israel will respond to Irans retaliatory attack: Calls for G7 countries to sanction Iran;

Striking Iran's nuclear facilities 'on the table', says ex-Mossad intelligence chief

Iran enhances air defenses with Russian support: Report

Iranian president: ‘Tiniest invasion’ by Israel will be met with a massive response

Middle East skies ‘open’ to Israel planes amid tension with Iran, Defence Minister says

How Jordan has fallen : From the ‘Battle of Dignity’ to the shield of shame:

U.S. to hit Iran with fresh sanctions after retaliatory strike on Israel

US House to Vote on China’s Iranian Oil Imports After Retaliatory Attack on Israel

Syria: Amnesty exposes US, UK complicity in torture-ridden SDF camps

Morocco to host Israeli drone production facility despite anti-normalisation uproar

Indian security forces kill at least 29 Maoists in gunbattle

Indian Railways looks to manufacture 250 kmph speed trains

Pakistani security forces kill 7 militants on Afghanistan border

Increasing number of villages torched across Sudan shows conflict is intensifying - report

Sudan: Aid groups warn of mass death from hunger

Saudi Arabia to host Sudan peace talks within the next three weeks: US

Shunned by the West, this African country has found a new friend – and it’s not China

UK judge rules Gaddafi mansion sale profits must go to US arms firm

17 killed after three Russian missiles hit Chernihiv

Fact or fiction? Russia's meat grinder soldiers - 50,000 confirmed dead

Russia was able to quickly restore oil refining capacity after Ukrainian attacks

Press Putin to end war, Germany urges China’s Xi Jinping

Russia announces total withdrawal of troops from Nagorno-Karabakh

Orbán to Brussels: Time to shake up ‘bad’ EU leadership

Over 500 people targeted by Israeli made Pegasus spyware in Poland, officials say

Climate crisis: average world incomes to drop by nearly a fifth by 2050

‘Quantum internet’ connection finally achieved in historic breakthrough

Haiti names transitional council to handle crisis

Venezuela and Honduras announce actions to protest Ecuador’s embassy raid

US Prepares To Reimpose Venezuela Oil Ban As Biden Seeks Scapegoat To Resume Draining SPR

US Congress declares Palestinian slogan ‘anti-Semitic’

Columbia University students stage Vietnam-style anti-war encampment for Gaza

Google workers arrested after protesting company’s giant deal with Israel

Let our grandchildren pay: Biden urges Congress to end impasse and send aid to Israel and Ukraine

Beige Book Reveals Economy In Far Worse Shape Than White House Claims

Seven jurors picked in Trump’s N.Y. trial as judge presses ahead

Surreal scenes as jurors in New York trial tell Trump what they really think

Hundreds could die if Boeing fails to handle quality issues, whistleblower says




The Missiles of April
By Scott Ritter

Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel will go down in history as one of the greatest victories of this century.


How Iran’s ‘strategic patience’ switched to serious deterrence
By Pepe Escobar

Russia and China have Tehran’s back, and their role in West Asia’s conflict will only grow if the US doesn’t keep Israel in check.


How Iran attacks exposed Israel's weakness
By David Hearst

Israel needed others to defend it and is not free to choose how to strike back.


The Resistance Axis Penetrated The Zionist Security Screen
By Moon Of Alabama

Its attack on Israeli airbases in the Negev and a Mossad base on the Golan heights were successful.


Smotrich's Plan to Subjugate the Palestinians Goes Ahead
By Amira Hass

Most Jewish Israelis aren't shocked by the killing of over 20,000 women and children in the Gaza Strip



Israeli forces open fire on displaced Gazans returning to the north

The colors and joy have disappeared’: Gazans return to decimated Khan Younis

Israeli settlers, forces kill three Palestinians in occupied West Bank

Israeli debt doubled since beginning of war on Gaza

US Hard-Pressed to React as Iran Gets ‘Complete Map of Israeli Defense Capabilities’

US helps Israel shoot down ‘nearly all’ Iran-launched attack drones as Biden pledges support

US, UK, France block UN condemnation of attack on Iran’s embassy in Syria

Accusations of ‘double standards’ at UN after Iran’s attack on Israel

Statement From G7 Leaders After Iran's Attack on Israel

Iran's ballistic missiles, drones impact Israeli targets (Footage)

Iran says it informed neighbours about attack on Israel 72 hours in advance

US warns Iran, calls on Security Council to condemn attack on Israel: Russia and Iran criticized the calls for deescalation as hypocritical.

US to hit Iran with sanctions, send more military aid to Israel

Pressure mounts on US lawmakers to approve new aid for Israeli genocide

Macron: France intercepted Iranian drones ‘at Jordan’s request’

Jordan’s treachery in support of Israel is nothing new

Arab states unexpectedly helped Israel fight off Iran's attack: Jordan appeared to open up its airspace to Israeli and US fighter jets.

US House speaker Mike Johnson will try to pass Israel aid this week

Watch: Israeli settlers rushing to Ben Gurion and whipping out their 2nd passports.

Kremlin comments on Iran’s strike on Israel

China comments on Iran-Israel tensions

Yemen's Houthis target four vessels in Gulf of Aden, spokesman says

Watch: : Armenian Christians under siege by Israel

Islamic State-linked attackers kill at least 11 people and torch vehicles in eastern Congo

Aid groups warn of looming famine in Sudan

Europe pledges to boost aid to Sudan on war anniversary

Sudan war: What a year of conflict has done to the country in numbers

Libyan Armed Groups Clash in Capital Tripoli: Media

Libya: five Russian military cargoes arrived in Tobruk in the last 45 days

Nigeria inflation hits highest rate in nearly 30 years

Philippine president says he won’t give US access to more local military bases

Ukraine Loses Up to 420 Soldiers Near Donetsk in Past Day - MoD

Ukraine tightens mobilization law: Sodol said there were seven to 10 times more Russian soldiers than there were Ukrainians on the battlefield

Ukraine’s military chief warns of ‘significantly’ worsening battlefield situation in the east

The Ukrainian 25th And 67th Brigades Will Be Disbanded. Military Summary

US request not to target Russian oil refineries 'irritated' Zelensky

Netherlands allocates $4.7 billion to support Ukraine until 2026

‘Prejudice, Islamophobia’: Free speech fears as UK redefines extremism

Study finds voters skeptical about fairness of elections. Many favor a strong, undemocratic leader

Environmentalists protest as Biden administration approves huge oil export terminal off Texas coast

20 years later, Abu Ghraib detainees get their day in US court

The Supreme Court Just Dealt a Massive Blow to the Right to Protest: The Supreme Court’s inaction has effectively abolished the right to mass protest across three states

Michael Cohen is an admitted liar. He’s still going to be the star witness against Trump: “If a jury doesn’t believe him, that’s it,” one former prosecutor said.

Trump Media stock is plummeting as it plans to issue millions more shares



Iran sends drones, missiles towards Israel
Watch Live

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has begun an attack on Israel using “dozens of drones and missiles”



Pepe Escobar: Russia and China Sketch the Future as the World Awaits Iran’s Next Move
By Pepe Escobar

Tel Aviv's provocation aims to draw the US into a conflict with Iran.


‘Come out, you animals’: how the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital happened
By Tareq S. Hajjaj

During the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army shot patients in their beds and executed hundreds of civil government employees.


The Speech That Got Me Banned From Germany
By Yanis Varoufakis

The people of Germany, are led down a perilous road to a heartless society by being made to associate themselves with another genocide carried out in their name.


War and Peace in an Ocean of Lies
By Philip Giraldi

Does anyone in Washington care about Israel’s crimes?


Secrets Of The Weapons Trade
By Michelle Fahy

The Australian government is obscuring weapons exports to Israel despite International Court’s ruling to oppose ‘plausible genocide’


Imagine No War
By A.J. Smuskiewicz

With the world on the brink of WWIII, perhaps it’s time to realize we are all brothers


War Makes Humans the Most Dangerous Species
By William Astore

Is this the future we have to look forward to, an endless echoing of our murderous past?


House votes to reapprove law allowing warrantless surveillance of US citizens
By Nick Robins-Early

The law, gives the government expansive powers to view emails, calls and texts.



Genocide Continues – Israeli Strikes Intensify in Central Gaza Strip

Three Palestinians killed in West Bank military raids and settler rampage

Palestinian man killed in Israeli settler raids in occupied West Bank: Dozens of settlers stormed villages, setting fire to homes in search for missing teenager.

Hamas Calls on PA to ‘Protect Our People’ amid Settlers’ Rampage in West Bank

Israeli teenager's body found as violence erupts in the occupied West Bank

Six European countries to recognize Palestine: Irish, Spanish leaders

Israeli ambassador says her country is being ‘discriminated against’ Irish snub

Hamas made several modifications to Cairo proposal in a response

Palestinians file complaint against Germany for arms sale to Israel

Germany faces domestic lawsuit over its arms sales to Israel

German police crackdown on pro-Palestine conference in Berlin

'They want to silence Palestinian voices’: British-Palestinian surgeon denied entry to Germany

Germany: A small cadre of politicians speaks out against Israel

Far-right Israeli MK says secret plans underway for Israeli 'resettlement' in Gaza

What military support does the US provide to Israel?

Genocide Joe encourages Israel to treat international laws and conventions with contempt

Israeli Reservist seriously injured after Hezbollah launches rockets, drones into northern Israel

Turkish military kills 4 PKK members in northern Iraq

Russia Sends Military Trainers and Air-Defence System to Niger, Says Niger State TV

Russian troops arrive in Niger as military agreement begins

Protesters in Niger Call for U.S. Military Exit

Nearly 55 million face hunger in West and Central Africa, UN warns

Russia expands diesel exports to Sudan amidst EU embargo

Egypt to receive € 1 billion loan from EU

Ten dead in Ukrainian shelling of Russia-controlled town

Russian Missile Kills Four in Ukraine's Mykolaiv

Major Russian air strikes destroy Kyiv power plant, damage other stations

Putin Says Russia Forced to Respond to Ukraine Energy Attacks

Germany to send Ukraine additional Patriot air defence system

Did British intelligence create a Neo-Nazi militia?: Kiev’s collapse cannot be far away.

Norway to Transfer 22 F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Ukraine: The Netherlands pledges €1 billion in extra support

Euro plunges, eyes parity with dollar after Lagarde’s go-it-alone pledge

End of Escalatory Ladder in Ukraine & MidEast – John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen

The US and UK restrict the trade of Russian-origin metals

European Gas Prices Soar

Pakistani police search for gunmen who abducted bus passengers and killed 11 in the southwest

Bipartisan US bill seeks $2.5 billion for Philippines defense

China’s No 3 Zhao Leji pledges to maintain friendship with North Korea

Haiti establishes council to choose new leaders as gang violence rages

Ecuadorian tribunal deems arrest of former Vice President Glas illegal

Mexico calls on the International Court of Justice to expel Ecuador from UN

US border arrests fall in March, bucking seasonal trends amid increased enforcement in Mexico

Trump tells Arizona Legislature to act after GOP blocks bills to repeal 1864 abortion ban

2 Maine Republicans Say Lewiston Mass Shooting Was God's Retribution for Abortion Rights

Trump the Front-Runner? Not So Fast.

Biden Shrinks Trump’s Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll

These 19 Republicans voted to block the spy powers bill

Judge Napolitano: CIA wants more power to spy on Americans

Congressman Victimized by FBI Spying Votes for More Warrantless Spying Powers

How much is Biden willing to sacrifice to enable Israel's genocide in Gaza?

DNC paid Biden’s legal bills during classified documents investigation

Criminalizing the Unhoused Is Inherently Cruel: Fining, arresting, and jailing people for a lack of housing is never the solution

Judge rejects Hunter Biden's bid to dismiss the federal gun charges against him



US-supported Israel Has Killed At 33,545 People in Gaza Since October 7

44% of all Palestinians killed by Israel since October 7 are children

'Beyond alarming': Cameron slammed over continued UK arms exports to Israel

US Sees Missile Strike on Israel By Iran, Proxies as Imminent

Had UN condemned Israel, there’d be no need for retaliation – Iran

Netanyahu hints at retaliation if Iran attacks

American official says US will help defend Israel if Iran, proxies launch attack

Senior U.S. general to visit Israel to coordinate on Iran attack threat

Trump Slams Biden for ‘Abandoning Israel’

Israeli kills three sons and four grandchildren of Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh

‘They are All My Sons’ – Hamas Leader Comments on Assassination of His Children, Grandchildren

Time running out for Ukraine in war with Russia, US commander warns

Taiwan, China can resolve differences, ex-president says after meeting Xi

Biden considering Australian request to drop Julian Assange charges


No Victory Awaits Israel in Rafah. Only More Death and Destruction
By Gideon Levy

All the dead, disabled, displaced and starving Gazans up to now are not enough. They want more.