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Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"




Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801



Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487



Total Cost of U.S. Wars Since 2001


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Mike Pompeo: 'We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole' in CIA










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Watch the Full Film: The Israel Lobby Didn’t Want You To See

Obey: The Routine Of Obedience

"This film was absolutely WONDERFUL! It is inspiring and maddening"

Authority & Expectations

Smart and provocative young veteran, Wray Harris, unlocks the sufferings served by the Iraq war.

"I Am An American Indian Patriot"

"We live in a prisoner of war camp, that's why they call it a reservation"

A Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west - and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

The Power of Nightmares

By Adam Curtis

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

“How we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem”,
  “I simply got tired of western mainstream media presenting the Palestinian-Israeli issue as being complex."

Miko Peled Debunks Jewish Myths

"If Anybody here, came hoping to hear a balanced presentation, then they are going to be sorely disappointed.

"Political Fraud"

Indoctrination By Propaganda Works

Lifting the Veil:
Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

This film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”.

Surviving Progress

The film connects financial collapse, growing inequality and global oligarchy with the sustainability of mankind itself.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

A brief and crucial history of the United States

The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television. Ever......?

Scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom.

U.S. Helicopter Blasts Afghan Man to Pieces...
As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'

It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US missile.

The Power Principle

Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.

Managing Public Perception - Psywar

The real battlefield is your mind.

The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

Why We Fight

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism?

Norman Finkelstein: American Radical

Probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein

Stop the Machine!!!!!:
A brief and crucial history of the United States.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government

Lives In The Balance : Jackson Browne

"You might ask what it takes to remember
When you know that you've seen it before
Where a government lies to a people
And a country is drifting to war "

American Drug War - The Last White Hope

How money, power and greed have corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends, but an entire government.

How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel
The Fourth World War

Documentary of radical resistance to global capitalism

The Israel Lobby

Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so?

John Pilger: 'The War on Democracy'

The story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror".

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Dick Cheney reveals the reasons why invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam Hussein wouldn't be a great idea.

Poison DUst

Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't.

John Pilger: Truth Game

The worldwide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race is scrutinised.

The Road To Guantanamo

Three young British Muslims tell the story of how they came to be in US custody at Guantánamo for over two years, and discuss the Kafkaesque horrors that awaited them there


"I Witnessed The Degradation And Murder Of Detainees":

A prisoner of the "war on terror" disturbing allegations of mistreatment and murder.

Global Dimming

It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon.

 An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's Documentary on the dangers of climate change and global warming


America Freedom to Fascism

Startling facts about our laws, raising critical issues that Americans must consider if they are to be a free people.


Despotism & Democracy : Video

Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Beijing sees Trump’s hand and won’t fold
By Pepe Escobar

With Sinophobic hysteria reaching new heights in US, China's counter play is a massive new economic plan. - Continue


Lenses on Riots, Murder, and Racism in the US and Hong Kong
By Kim Petersen

A Comparison to China’s Response to the Riots in Hong Kong. - Continue


U.S. Lectures World on Human Rights as Cops Kill Blacks With Impunity
By Finian Cunningham

Being black in America is a death sentence. - Continue


Twitter Censorship, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
By Caitlin Johnstone

Are you a mindless partisan hack? - Continue


‘Failed State’ Status Here We Come?
By Sam Pizzigati

In societies where wealth concentrates, public support systems wither. - Continue



Rebels infighting kills 5 in N Syria

Turkish invasion forces attack Syrian Army troops in Aleppo

Russia hands over MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria

Russia wants to significantly expand its military bases in Syria

Turkey kills at least 7 YPG, PKK members in Syria and Iraq: ministry

Iran Condemns US Removal of Nuclear Deal Exemptions

Just another day in apartheid Israel: Palestinian with mental disability shot dead in Jerusalem

Congress is poised to pass far-reaching $38 billion bill for Israel

Jordan warns US, UK of dangers of annexation plan

Egyptian military kills several militants in northern Sinai operation


At least 15 civilians killed by gunmen in Burkina Faso

Libyan Army shoots down ‘3 Turkish aircraft’ in past 24 hours


Bomb hits TV bus in Afghan capital, killing 2

India, Pak Trade Fire Along LoC

Chinese Scientist '99 Percent' Sure That COVID-19 Vaccine Will Prove Successful - Report

Hong Kong finance chief Paul Chan says city has nothing to fear from Donald Trump sanctions over national security law

Israel gets caught between US-China rivalry: Israeli government this week rejected Hong Kong firm for tender to build and operate desalination plant after US warning


Exclusive images from inside British court expose Assange’s un-democratic treatment, physical deterioration

People Protest Outside US Embassy in Berlin Over George Floyd Death - Video

Merkel rebuffs Trump invitation to G-7 summit

Unforgivably cruel: Swedish directives on how to treat Covid-19 elderly have caused massive death toll

Exclusive: Ex-Ukrainian President’s Aide Opens Up on Biden Tapes, Democrats' Money Laundering


US: Trump Regime Break Off Ties With WHO


US disrupts Iranian fuel deliveries to Venezuela, official says

US Mounts Behind-the-Scenes Global Campaign to Cut Venezuelan Oil Supplies

George Floyd protests: man killed in Detroit as demonstrations rage across US

Two officers shot, one killed in Oakland - as George Floyd fury sweeps US:

Gov. Walz calls for full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard;

Minnesota Gov. suggested white supremacists and cartels could be manipulating riots to destabilize nation as US descends into chaos

There Will Be A Lot More Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest As The U.S. Economy Continues To Crumble

Trump Suggests ‘MAGA’ Fans Gather, Makes Military Threat

Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War: Armed extremists are showing up to protests and urging a “boogaloo” — code for civil war — online.

Chicago Mayor to Trump: ‘What I really want to say ... begins with F and it ends with U’

Trump confronts a culture war of his own making as election looms

US has DEADLIEST police culture in modern world

UN Human Rights Chiefs Demands US Takes “Serious Action” to Stop Killing of Unarmed African-Americans:

Amy Klobuchar didn't prosecute officer at center of George Floyd's death

In case you missed it: Minneapolis police leader defending George Floyd’s killers tied to ‘white power’-linked biker gang

Cornel West: America Is A Failed Social Experiment, Neoliberal Wing Of Democratic Party Must Be Fought

New Data Show The Coronavirus Is Less Lethal Than First Thought

US Supreme Court Rejects Church's Demand, Supports Confinement:

Over 40 Million Jobless In 10 Weeks - "Nobody Ever Imagined It Would Get This Bad So Fast"

US food prices see historic jump and are likely to stay high

U.S. Production to Fall up to 30 Percent in the Next Quarter

Consumer Spending Fell a Record 13.6% in April

READ: Newly declassified transcripts of Flynn calls with Russia ambassador


May 29, 2020

Note From Tom

I want to express my gratitude to those of you who have been kind enough to enquire about my health and for your good wished for my recovery.

It has been a difficult 3 weeks, but I am happy to report that I am back at my desk and more inspired more than ever to fight against the lies, propaganda and horror that we laughingly call civilization.

I will need a little time to catch up on recent events and I sure that within a few days I can have this service back to normal.

I am humbled by your support, your kind words of appreciation and your desire for ICH to continue to fight for peace and justice.

Tom Feeley



The U.S. will withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty
By Philip Giraldi

Let us consider why the Donald Trump White House is currently considering detonating a nuclear weapon. - Continue


Washington is pressuring Berlin to keep its nuclear weapons.
By Finian Cunningham

It is time Germany ruled out having U.S. nuclear weapons. - Continue


Get Ready for the Next Game-Changer: the Digital Yuan
By Pepe Escobar

We are facing an “impeding arrival”. But who will take the Biggest Prize? - Continue


In the West – Propaganda, Hysteria and Truly Foul Breath!
By Andre Vltchek

“What are we scared of?” “What kind of society do we want to live in?” - Continue


Who Are the Secret Puppet-Masters Behind Trump’s War on Iran?
By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies

What is it about Iran that makes it such a target of hostility for Trump and the neocons? - Continue


Inside the Influential Evangelical Group Mobilizing to Reelect Trump
By Lee Fang

“My administration will never stop fighting for Americans of faith,” -“We will restore the faith as the true foundation of American life.” - Continue


It Took COVID To Expose the Fraud of ‘U.S. Exceptionalism’
By Daniel Larison

U.S. exceptionalism is based on the assumption that we are better than the rest of the world. - Continue


From 9/11 to COVID-19, It’s Been a Perpetual State of Emergency
By John W. Whitehead

Pandemic or not, don’t allow your freedoms to be curtailed and your voice to be muzzled. - Continue


The racial reality of America’s pandemic
By Edward Luce

Imagine a group of black men in paramilitary gear with semi-automatic rifles moving towards a US state capitol building. - Continue


The Land of the Free and Other Bull*hit

The modern-day U.S. criminal justice system as a direct extension of slavery. - Continue


Honey, I shrunk Trump

Sometimes you just have to laugh/cry. - Continue



20 killed in battles between Syrian army, IS in northern Syria

3 U.S. invasion force soldiers wounded in attack by unknown group in east Syria:

War crime: Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burning: Report that the fires in the wheat fields in Syrian al-Jazeera region were carried out by US occupation forces.

Syrian civilians in Hasaka countryside intercept US occupation forces, armored vehicles

Russia to negotiate with Syria on more military bases: Interfax

Three Iran guards killed in clash near Iraq border

REVEALED: The secret US-Iran deal that installed Kadhimi in Baghdad

IS blasts Iraq PM as American agent, calls for more attacks

War criminal: Netanyahu says Palestinians in illegally annexed land will not be offered citizenship in aparthied Israel

Erdogan warns that Turkey 'will not allow' Israel to annex West Bank

Unconditional solidarity: Palestinians rally support for family of George Floyd, African-American killed by Minneapolis police

U.S. Ambassador Calls on Israel to Block Chinese Moves Into 5G Network Market

With Corbyn gone, the Israel lobby is targeting Palestinians directly: Anti-Palestinian bigotry from an antisemitism watchdog is the latest move to dress up bullying as victimhood

Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen Reaching Breaking Point


Rebel groups kill at least 40 in attacks in eastern Congo

30 migrants killed in revenge attack in Libya's Tripoli

British mercenaries 'involved in botched operation' backing rebel leader in Libya,

UK mercenaries offered $150,000 each to fly helicopters for Gen Haftar in Libya, say UN

Somalia says eight 'very young' aid workers abducted, killed

Somalia: Senior Police Officer Killed in Car Bomb in Mogadishu

Ethiopian security forces accused of grave human rights abuses

The U.S. Brags About Health Aid to Africa While Bombing Some of Its Most Vulnerable Nations


Afghanistan: 14 security personnel killed in Paktia attack

Trump Regime Wants Troops out of Afghanistan Home by Election Day: Pentagon Is Drawing Up Plans.

Pompeo Cuts Off Special U.S. Trade Relationship With Hong Kong: The city will now be treated like mainland China.

EU not in mood to follow Donald Trump into China conflict over Hong Kong national security law

India and China Move In More Troops as Border Tensions Rise

Watch: Beijing's version of showdown between India & China

Thanks, but no thanks? Trump rebuffed after offering to mediate India-China border standoff

World’s Biggest Lockdown to Push 12 Million Into Extreme Poverty in India

China: Lawmakers urge sovereign immunity law to retaliate for US abuse of litigation over COVID-19

US to cancel visas for thousands of Chinese grad students with ties to Chinese military schools: report

Era of US intimidating China over: Global Times editorial

World needs to recognize gravity of a US-China 'financial war'

China's digital currency takes shape amid COVID-19, benefits for foreigners

Manufacturing consent for war on China McCaul says China task force will look into coronavirus and threats to U.S. security

HK police arrest over 360 for suspected unauthorized assemblies

Liar, war criminal ": Pompeo says Hong Kong no longer qualifies as autonomous from China

Chinese ministry warned Xi of armed confrontation with US: report

Nuclear watchdog says any US test would be 'grave challenge to peace'

US destroyer spotted off coast of Shanghai as PLA Navy begins 11-week exercise in Yellow Sea

China urges US to stop ‘unreasonable suppression’ of Huawei ,”

Trump says doesn't want to talk to Xi, could even cut China ties

Trump says US will beat out Russia and China with 'super duper missile'


Spain to offer families minimum monthly income

NYT Falsely Blames Russia For Cyberattack Committed By British Hacker:


China calls on US to pay its debts to United Nations “The United States is the largest debtor, owing 1.165 billion and 1.332 billion US dollars respectively

WHO, 37 nations form alliance to fight coronavirus:

Racism, Rather Than Facts, Drove U.S. Coronavirus Travel Bans: Why was the U.S. quick to halt flights from China, but slow when it came to Europe?

Trump regime confirms US is withdrawing from another major arms treaty

Russia stands by Open Skies treaty in riposte to Trump: Moscow says US withdrawal vow threatens global security and nuclear arms pact

U.S. House chairmen demand explanation on Trump's 'illegal' withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty

Exposed: CIA used Sheldon Adelson's firm to spy on Julian Assange

The CIA’s Murderous Practices, Disinformation Campaigns, and Interference in Other Countries Still Shape the World Order and U.S. Politics

How the Pandemic Is Helping The Military Prep For World War III

Firm secures deal to supply 15 countries with coronavirus digital “health passports”

Around 2 BILLION people may lose their jobs in the next couple of months due to pandemic: More than half of the world’s workforce (nearly two billion people) risk losing their jobs or moving to part-time work in 2020


Brazil leads daily virus deaths for fifth straight day

Guaido Was the 'Commander in Chief' of the Failed Mercenary Operation Against Venezuela: Documents show Guaido's role in the recent mercenary operation aimed at kidnapping President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan Oil Sector Continues Slump Amid Pandemic, US Sanctions

Iran reportedly sends five oil tankers to Venezuela amid US Economic Blockade

‘US Sends 4 Warships to Caribbean for Possible Encounter with Iran Tankers’

Third Iranian fuel cargo reaches Venezuelan waters, others unloading

UK gov caught running secret “Venezuela Restructuring Unit”

Canadian court rules against Huawei exec fighting extradition

Canada: neglected residents and rotten food found at care homes hit by Covid-19

U.S. virus deaths at 100,000:

Watch: Trump's anti-coronavirus farce: : From "very well under control," to "the risk remains very low," to a "very, very painful two weeks," the U.S. president's approach to coronavirus has turned out to be a farce.

Hidden Video and Whistleblower Reveal Gruesome Mass-Extermination Method for Iowa Pigs Amid Pandemic

Watch: FORCED Vaccinations: "You Have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated" Alan Dershowitz

A third of U.S.residents, show signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau finds

62% Disapprove of Trump’s Coronavirus Response, Reader Survey Finds:

Trump declares churches ‘essential,’ calls on them to reopen

Corrupt to the core: Justice Department drops insider trading investigations of three senators; The Republican and Democratic senators were being investigated after they sold off stocks following early briefings on the coronavirus.

Corrupt political establishment is a "BIG PROBLEM" in the U.S.

Moderna executives have cashed out $89M in shares, as stock price soared on vaccine hopes

Just anotherr day in racist USA: Watch: Protesters Clash After Minneapolis Police Murder Of Civillian: The video shows an officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck, pinning him to the ground

Minneapolis Explodes - Police Station Burned, Riots, Night of Violence

Rioters Breach Ohio Statehouse, Breaking Windows and Entering Building to Protest Death of George Floyd

Watch: Minneapolis police officers abandoned the 3rd precinct building. Rioters chased them as they left

Drone video shows devastation in Minneapolis in wake of violent protests

Minneapolis ‘thugs’ vs Hong Kong ‘protesters’: Chinese paper accuses Trump of hypocrisy over riots

'They murdered my brother': George Floyd's sister says firing officers not enough:

New video ‘shows MULTIPLE cops pinning George Floyd down’ as he begged for air during arrest

In case you missed it: Minn. police learn from Israeli counter-terrorism conference

Former MPD Officer, Charged With Murder In George Floyd’s Death

Hundreds of troops deployed as angry US anti-racism protests spread

Twitter blocks WHITE HOUSE tweet for ‘glorifying violence’: Reposts Trump warning from official government account

Trump Signs Executive Order Stripping Social Media Companies Of "Liability Shield"

Minnesota police arrest CNN team on live television

War criminal: Barack Obama Issues Statement on George Floyd Amid Minneapolis Protests

New NYPD press officer co-wrote The Intercept Russiagate story that landed source in prison: The Intercept published a story that landed Reality Winner in prison, burning its third source.

U.S. Strongman: Trump Threatens To Shut Down Social Media After Twitter Adds Warning To His Tweets

Nearly Half of Small Business Owners Expect to Close Down Permanently

41 million have lost jobs since COVID-19 hit: Roughly 2.1 million people applied for U.S. unemployment benefits last week, a sign that companies are still slashing jobs

9 Million US Households With Children Are 'Not At All Confident' They'll Be Able to Afford Food Next Month

Biosensors to monitor U.S. students' attentiveness: Bill & Melinda Gates efforts to transform public education in the U.S., is pushing to develop an “engagement pedometer.”


May 06, 2020

Chinese ministry warns of war with US
By John Bowden
The report apparently indicated the possibility of direct military conflict between the U.S. and China.   - Continue


'No Evidence Coronavirus Was Made in a Chinese Lab' Fauci Says
By teleSUR
There is no scientific evidence to claim that the SARS-CoV coronavirus was created in a laboratory.   - Continue


The deeper roots of Chinese demonization
By Pepe Escobar
Only Whites civilized.   - Continue


Beware the Pentagon’s Pandemic Profiteers
By Mandy Smithberger
Hasn’t the Military-Industrial Complex Taken Enough of Our Money?   - Continue


Israel's War Crimes Have Killed Americans
By Philip Giraldi
If the president loves to honor the military, start with the U.S.S. Liberty.   - Continue


A Hillary/Obama Ticket to Challenge Trump?
By Stephen Lendman
“There is no constitutional foundation (for) Obama’s return” .   - Continue


Five Things That Are Revealed By Democrats’ Rehabilitation Of Bush
By Caitlin Johnstone
No institution that would so warmly rehabilitate and welcome a bloodthirsty monster like Bush is going to help humanity one iota.   - Continue


Julian Assange's case exposes British hypocrisy on press freedom
By Peter Oborne
We should be under no illusions. If successful, the US indictment against Assange will have terrible consequences for the free press.   - Continue



Israeli attack on Syria kills 14

Syria : Nine policemen killed in terrorist attack in al-Mzairib, Daraa

Turkish occupation forces kill 3 Kurdish fighters in Syria: ministry

30 Turkish military vehicles invade Syria's Idlib

Syria: US invasion forces conduct air landing operation at al-Yarubiah, Hasakeh

New OPCW whistleblower slams ‘abhorrent mistreatment’ of Douma investigators

US occupation forces moving ISIS prisoners from Syria to Iraq

Iran : Gunmen kill 3 Revolutionary Guard members

Iran Calls US Plan to Extend Arms Embargo 'Illegal'

Yemen's Houthis report 1st coronavirus case in rebel-held region

Moody's cuts Saudi Arabia's outlook to "negative" from "stable"

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia ministerial decision to cut private sector salaries by 40%

Saudi Arabia Looks at ‘Painful’ Measures, Deep Spending Cuts

Israeli charged with stoning Palestinian mother to death allowed back to occupied West Bank "settlement"

US court dismisses $900m lawsuit against Palestinian Authority and PLO

30 former U.S. national security officials say Democrats should oppose Israeli occupation, settlement expansion

Democratic bigwigs strip pro-Palestinian planks from a Nevada platform, citing coronavirus, Jewish community

Balfour Declaration was issued to gain Jewish support for war effort, Ben-Ami explains

Egypt 'summarily executes' 18 arbitrarily detained civilians in Sinai, in 'IS campaign'


134 Boko Haram, ISWAP fighters killed in Nigeria

12 killed in attack on DR Congo army base

Libyan military strikes vehicles of Haftar militias

Fears of coronavirus cover-up grow in Tanzania as videos show night burials and bodies on the street

Forty percent of Nigerians live below the poverty line: Report


16 militants killed, the Afghan military said Tuesday.

At least five killed in attack on Afghan military centre

Millions in India facing hunger during lockdown

It could be war: Classified Chinese report warns Beijing it faces 'armed confrontation' with the US

U.S. Air Force Bombers in Show of Force in the South China Sea

Propaganda alert: US intel believes China hid severity of coronavirus epidemic while stockpiling supplies

Experts raise questions about intelligence report claiming China 'intentionally concealed the severity' of coronavirus to stockpile medical supplies

WHO Says It Received No Data from US Proving Artificial Origin of COVID-19

U.N.: U.S. hasn't shared evidence on alleged coronavirus origin

Ousted U.S. vaccine director files whistleblower complaint alleging coronavirus warnings were ignored: The ousted director of the office involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, formally filed an extensive whistleblower complaint Tuesday alleging his early warnings about the coronavirus were ignored

China: Pompeo 'insane' over coronavirus lab theory - live updates,

Lawsuits demanding China's compensation for coronavirus damages totally absurd, experts say

Trump administration pushing to rip global supply chains from China:

Propaganda alert: U.S. national security officials are "concerned" China will develop a coronavirus vaccine first and try to extort the world for access

The power of U.S. propaganda: Chinese report warns Beijing faces Tiananmen-like global backlash over virus

How media spreads lie from US govt-funded Korean outlet that Kim Jong-un died


Russian COVID-19 Cases Surpass 145,000

Italy leads Europe in easing coronavirus lockdown measures

UK reports Europe's highest COVID-19 (32,000) death toll, outpaces Italy

Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? : How did we arrive at this point? Who steered the UK Government towards this questionable and alarmist lockdown policy?

UK lawmakers urge Johnson to sanction Israel if West Bank annexation goes ahead

Lawyers for Harry Dunn family say documents expose ‘scandalous’ UK Foreign Office cover-up

What's wrong with the British media? with George Galloway

Germany: Angela Merkel Calls for COVID-19 Vaccine for All

Ireland Sends Money to Native American Community Hit By COVID-19, Returning Historic Favor

In ‘confession of guilt,’ German Catholic Church admits ‘complicity’ with Nazis


Coronavirus: More than 3.5 million infections confirmed in at least 187 countries and territories, including at least 247,000 deaths.

Coronavirus: Confirmed Cases by Country

A new strain of coronavirus: Fears that the coronavirus would mutate into a more dangerous strain appear to have been borne out,

Scientists say a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus appears to be more contagious than original

India, US, Russia, Britain — see spike in Coronavirus related death cases

World leaders pledge billions for research into coronavirus vaccine

U.S. noticably absent from EU-hosted global online pledging on coronavirus

Why a coronavirus vaccine could take years - and may not be possible at all

What happens if a coronavirus vaccine is never developed? It has happened before

Australian government trained and funded Chinese scientists to genetically modify deadly coronaviruses that had no cure

WikiLeaks: London court delays Assange extradition hearing

Watch: World Press Freedom Day: The Prosecution of Julian Assange


Venezuela Reports Attempted Naval Invasion by Mercenaries From Colombia – Photos, Videos

Maduro Confirms Arrest of 13 Terrorists Involved in Armed Raid

Venezuela: 2 US 'mercenaries' among those nabbed after raid

Ex-US Spec Ops Officer Claim He Led Botched Invasion of Venezuela

Juan Guaidó Is Trying to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government Again

Forty-six people with Hong Kong citizenship seek refuge in Canada

US COVID-19 death toll surpasses 70,000,

Coronavirus mortality model predicts nearly 135,000 Americans will die from Covid-19 by early August,

Almost 2 million cases of coronavirus have been reported in the United States and its territories

U.S. CDC reports 1,122,486 coronavirus cases, 65,735 deaths

Trump Regime Models Predict 3,000 Daily Death by June

Trump predicts up to 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the US

MUST WATCH: Tearful Nurse Blows Whistle on New York Hospitals

Who elected this fool? GOP Ohio state lawmaker refuses to wear face mask because faces are the 'likeness of God'

White House to wind down coronavirus task force

California Gov. says some businesses will reopen Friday, with conditions

Reopening states will cause 233,000 more people to die from coronavirus, according to Wharton model

America’s Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise by $282 Billion in Three Weeks of Pandemic

U.S. Treasury Expects to Borrow $4.5 Trillion in Fiscal Year

Consumer debt hits new record of $14.3 trillion

Trump’s latest coronavirus spin unmasks his extreme narcissism: Trump is now demanding that intelligence officials bail him out by helping him whitewash his second great betrayal of the American people

Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. workers are now unemployed

Chicago Fed economists see 'U-Cov' jobless rate as high as 34%

Get ready to see the truly ugly face of Covid-19's impact on the economy

Rotting food. Hungry masses. Chaotic supply chains. Coronavirus upends the U.S. food system

Costco limits number of beef, poultry and pork products customers can buy

Limits put on meat purchase in San Francisco Bay Area

Violent arrest raises concerns about NYPD distancing patrols

Trump attacks Joe Scarborough: “I know him and Crazy Mika well, used them beautifully in the last Election, dumped them nicely.

Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls

Patrick J. Buchanan : How Long Can Biden Stay in His Basement?

Clinton-Obama in 2020? One former White House official says it’s possible

Kent State and the War That Never Ended; The deadly episode stood for a bitterly divided era. Did we ever leave it?


April 03, 20202

US is working to find “evidence” to blame China
By Finian Cunningham
The Trump regime is desperate to find a scapegoat for its own abysmal failings..  - Continue


The U.S. must stop to blaming China for exposing the fraud of 'American exceptionalism'.
By Moon Of Alabama
An economic conflict or even a physical war against China (and its ally Russia) is one the U.S. can not win.  - Continue


Millions More US Jobless Than Reported
By Stephen Lendman
The real US unemployment rate is around 38%, heading higher.  - Continue


America the Victim
By Philip Giraldi
Are Enemies Lining Up for Revenge in the Wake of the Coronavirus?    - Continue


Why Julian Assange must urgently be freed
By Stella Moris
I want my children to believe that inequitable treatment is not tolerated in mature democracies.   - Continue


The Defeat of Bernie Sanders and the Perfidy of the Democrats
By Donald Monaco
There are several lessons to be learned from the Sanders defeat and capitulation.    - Continue



IS attack kills 10 Iraqi fighters north of Baghdad

Iraq: Oil revenue falls over 50% in April

Four killed, 23 injured in blast in Syria’s Aleppo

U.S. occupation forces kill civilian in Syria

Rival Saudi, UAE-Backed Militants Clash in Yemen's Socotra

Propaganda stunt? Illegal West Bank annexations must come in context of Palestinian state, White House tells Israel

UK politicians call for sanctions against Israel over West Bank annexation plans

Chief prosecutor insists ICC has jurisdiction to probe Israeli war crimes in ‘Palestine’

Egypt: 2 Extremists Killed in North Sinai Raid


Libya: Video captures Haftar attack on civilians

Libyan Army scores direct hit on Syrian mercenaries: video

French soldier killed in anti-insurgent operations in Mali

Africa's COVID-19 cases rise to 37,393: Death toll from the disease reached 1,598 as of Thursday


3 civilians killed in E. Afghan bomb explosion

2 Afghan police officers died of coronavirus: Interior Ministry

NATO withholds key information on Taliban attacks: US Watchdog

India says two soldiers killed in Pakistani firing in Kashmir

The End of the US-China Relationship: A nationalistic American public is fed up with China. According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, 66% of US citizens now view China in an unfavorable light


UK death toll passes 27,000 after another 739 die from coronavirus

Death rate among black and Asian Brits is more than 2.5 TIMES higher than that of the white population

Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Lies Are Killing Britons


Coronavirus: Global death toll nears 240,000 with 3.3m cases

Coronavirus world map: which countries have the most cases and deaths?

Covid-19 Pandemic Likely to Last Two Years, Report Says;The coronavirus pandemic is likely to continue in waves that could last beyond 2022


Venezuela coup' funded by US billionaires, trained 300 soldiers in Colombia before it fell apart

Propaganda alert: Pompeo urges end to overflight rights for Iran airline flying to Venezuela

Iran rejects 'baseless' US comments on aid to Venezuela

US Regime to Mobilize Military Reservists in ‘Anti-Drug’ Operation Against Venezuela: Trump is also targeting oil-for-food deals involving the Venezuelan government and Mexican companies.

Colombia’s Army Spied on Journalists: A foreign intelligence agency provided annual financing to the Colombian "cyber battalions".

Countries in LatAm report increase in COVID-19 cases, deaths

U.S. is pushing Mexico to reopen factories even as workers die from COVID-19

Canada set to ban 11 categories of assault rifles, other weapons

Federal judge orders ICE to release detainees from South Florida detention centers : Citing conditions that amount to ”cruel and unusual punishment,” a Miami federal judge ordered U.S. immigration authorities to release hundreds of detainees

More than 2,000 US coronavirus deaths in 24 hours: tracker

Coronavirus: US surpasses 65,000 COVID-19 deaths

Top coronavirus model predicts 100,000 Americans dead by the end of this summer

Coronavirus in the Bronx: Why the poor never stood a chance:

No, the coronavirus wasn’t invented by China, U.S. intelligence says: “The Intelligence Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified,” the office said

Coronavirus: Trump stands by China lab origin theory for virus

Trump minimizes death toll as government orders 100,000 new body bags

Trump calls Michigan lockdown protesters ‘good people’ a day after armed demonstrators stormed statehouse

At least 31 US states easing restrictions despite rising pandemic death toll

Capitol physician says Senate lacks capacity to test all senators for coronavirus

No leadership and no plan: is Trump about to fail the US on coronavirus testing?

Congressman warns national debt could reach $30 trillion by end of September

Why We Still Don't Know Which Businesses Are Getting Coronavirus Relief

Dow Jones plummeted on Friday as Donald Trump's China rhetoric pressured a fragile U.S. stock market

As US unemployment reaches Great Depression levels, millions still unable to obtain assistance

Betsy DeVos Sued for Garnishing Wages of Nearly 300,000 Student Loan Borrowers During Pandemic; "The Trump administration is taking money from borrowers who are living on the edge of poverty, in the middle of a pandemic

Opinion: World needs to watch out for U.S. politicians' blame-shifting:

DOJ Documents In Flynn Case Reveal Obama White House Was Running the Operation

The Case Against Michael Flynn Now Looks a Lot Weaker: The FBI applied the squeeze in a way that undermines the rule of law.

The FBI Set Flynn Up to Preserve the Trump–Russia Probe

McFarland: FBI was setting Flynn up to blackmail him

Biden denies sexual assault allegation: 'This never happened':

Joe Biden Thinks We Should Believe Women — Just Not Tara Reade

Watch: Forget the Gaffes, What About Biden's Lies?


April 01, 2020

US push for low-yield nukes makes atomic war MORE likely as Russia will retaliate with full force, Moscow says
By Nebojsa Malic
The US State Department’s case for tactical nuclear weapons is a case study in psychological projection not seen since the darkest days of the Cold War. - Continue


Cold War of Trump/Navarro vs China
By Andre Vltchek
Trump and his people are playing with fire.  - Continue


The Killer-in-Chief
By Tom Engelhardt
Whichever candidate you choose at the polls in November, you aren’t just electing a president of the United States; you are also electing an assassin-in-chief.  - Continue


Israel may ask for double its usual $3.8 billion from the U.S this year
By Alison Weir
‘Israel has received over $10 million per day, year after year. This year it’s time to keep our money home.’ - Continue


The Real Economic Problem Is Not The Closedown
By Paul Craig Roberts
A sick economy will be blamed on the closedown, not on the debt burden.  - Continue


Welcome to the Era of the Great Disillusionment
By Jonathan Cook
Those who worry about 5G – have very little trust in our institutions and increasingly in our scientists too. - Continue


Michael Flynn case should be dismissed to preserve justice
By Jonathan Turley
FBI officials also lied and acted in arguably criminal or unethical ways, but all escaped without charges. - Continue


As Biden struggles, Hillary waits for the call
By Liz Peek
Democrats put forward Uncle Joe because he was the “safe” candidate, bound to defeat Trump. Oops. - Continue



7 IS militants killed in anti-terror operation in Iraq

6 Syrian soldiers killed in IS ambush in E Syria

‘Israeli helicopters’ fire missiles at Syrian military sites

Iranian tankers carrying '6.8 million barrels of oil' en route to Syria

Manufacturing consent for war on Iran? Pompeo: US will not allow Iran to buy arms after UN embargo ends

Fact or fiction? Trump told Saudi: Cut oil supply or lose U.S. military support -

Arab League deems Israeli West Bank annexation a 'new war crime'

Yemen reports first COVID-19 deaths

Ten Egyptian army members killed or wounded in a bomb attack - spokesman


At least 25 people killed and 51 wounded in clashes in the Central African Republic

UAE unlawful Libya drone strike kills 8 civilians: HRW report

Libya's Haftar announces Ramadan truce after military setbacks

Libya's UN-supported government rejects rivals' cease-fire

Watch: Coronavirus: Two-and-a-half mile queue for food in South Africa

Sudan criminalises female genital mutilation: punishable by 3 years in prison


7 killed in roadside bomb blasts in Afghanistan

US intel: Coronavirus not manmade, still studying lab theory

Trump Officials Are Said to Press Spies to Link Virus and Wuhan Labs

Russia Refutes Western Attempts To Blame China For COVID-19

China says it 'expelled' U.S. Navy vessel from South China Sea: "The provocative actions of the United States seriously violated relevant international law norms," a spokesman for China's military said.

Chinese navy puts two new nuclear submarines into service

US hypocrisy is beyond redemption: It’s OK for Israel to annex Palestinian territories but not for China to raise issues that concern its interests in Hong Kong


Russia warns it will treat US missile strike as a NUCLEAR attack

Russia's coronavirus cases surpass 100,000 following record daily rise

Russian Prime Minister has coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreak in France did not come directly from China, gene-tracing scientists say

Herd Immunity Is a Naive Bet, German Scientists Say

UK spy agency handed extra powers to access info from NHS IT systems during Covid-19 pandemic

Germany bans Hezbollah, raids mosques: Immediately welcomed by the United States and Israel.


‘Immediate danger’: Half of world’s workforce could lose livelihood due to Covid-19, UN agency warns

Pompeo criticizes S.Africa, Qatar for taking Cuban doctors

Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns by country

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Intel Analysts In a Key Area: It reveals how human judgement has limits when pride is involved.

US blacklists five Amazon foreign websites: Its e-commerce platforms in the UK, Germany, France, India and Canada have been added to a “notorious markets” register.


Torment in Ecuador: virus dead piled up in bathrooms

Cuba Cannot Get Swiss Respirators Due to US Inhuman Blockade

US Records 2,502 Coronavirus Deaths In Past 24 Hours:

Coronavirus 1,040,488 infected, 60,999 deaths in U.S.

Top coronavirus model predicts 100,000 Americans dead by the end of this summer's first wave

Evidence that the official U.S. tally of coronavirus deaths is low.

Coronavirus: 50 corpses discovered in US trucks after neighbours noticed smell and leaks

Outrage after US inmate with coronavirus dies after giving birth

Over 70% of tested inmates in federal prisons have COVID-19

Miscalculation at Every Level Left U.S. Unequipped to Fight Coronavirus

Armed protesters in Michigan demand end to coronavirus lockdown: Dozens of protesters, some with rifles slung around their chests, enter the Capitol and demand to be heard.

20 States Will Be Partially Reopened By End Of Week

Admit It: You Are Willing to Let People Die to End the Shutdown

US jobless claims top 30m amid coronavirus crisis: Live updates

US unemployment claims surge by another 4.4 million

US unemployment rate approaches 20%, economists say

Food Lines a Mile Long in America’s Second-Wealthiest State

U.S. Production to Contract up to 30 Percent in the Next Quarter: The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fall will be the worst economic contraction since 1929.

US renters live under eviction threat despite gov't 'protections'

Nearly 900 at Tyson Foods plant test positive for coronavirus ,

Trump explodes at his top advisers over sliding poll numbers

Drug proves effective against coronavirus as economic damage rises

Los Angeles becomes first major U.S. city to offer free coronavirus testing for all residents

Trump says China wants Joe Biden to win to ease pressure on trade issues

“I am not f—-ing losing to Joe Biden,”

New Information Emerges Around Biden Sexual Assault Allegatione: This story contains graphic descriptions of an alleged sexual assault.

Evidence emerges for sex-assault allegation against Biden

Tucker Carlson Highlights Sen. Gillibrand’s Brett Kavanaugh Outrage vs. Her Joe Biden Defense and It Is Brutal

Democrats begin to confront Biden allegations

Biden Has Ties to Univ. of Delaware Board Members Keeping His Archive Secret amid Reade Allegations

Biden and Sanders reach deal on delegates to national convention

FBI releases documents showing Roger Stone, Julian Assange communications": Trump’s team sought to gain insight into what Assange would be releasing on Clinton

More Evidence Shows FBI Set Up Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. No Evidence He Committed A Crime.

Revelations expose Comey (and perhaps Obama) as complicit in allegedly trapping Flynn, President Trump has tweeted his disgust:

Trump Threatens CNN Over Coverage Of Michael Flynn, Says Outlet ‘Should Pay A Big Price’



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